Plexiglass speaker auto speaker box

Hey im brand new to this site, and im very interested in Industrial Design, im 17 years old and working hard to develope my skills and be involved with other designers

Here is a project i did for my car.

This is a “hatch cover” that hides the contents in my trunk from the rear windshield.

Here is the same thing taken apart

I then used it to trace and cut the plexiglass

Next i cut out the holes for the speakers and on the edge for screws and placed it in the hatch cover.

Then i painted it and put the speakers in

The plexiglass is clear so i painted the bottom side to get the gloss shine.
And here is the final project in my ride.

This is an original project, i did not find instructions or a guide online, i was inspired by other cars that have a similar speaker placement. And designed it myself.

This post could generate a full website of related design problems that are encountered when making a custom enclosure.

It is nice to see a post that is mostly visual. By looking at this project, I like guessing what your design challenges were. From the photos you also get an idea of your work steps like an MOP in manufacturing.