Please wear masks

Keno, I’m not sure what your issue is with me but you frequently seem agitated when responding. I post projects, opinions, and feedback to this forum as well as serve as its volunteer admin. I recommend embracing that if you want to enjoy your time here or move along.

Yup, only leave the house for groceries and to walk the dog… and when I do those things I wear a mask. Traveling to Asia so often you become accustomed to it.

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Aaaanyway. Back on topic. I thought this video did a nice job of breaking down the science on the N95 mask.

I’d like to think we are above the bleating sheep method of trolling here. DBreathing is typically more articulate.

Michael, you may want rethink that particular mask you’re wearing. From the Boston Globe.
“”The masks protect no one. "They need to be banned,” said a prominent Brigham and Women’s Hospital doctor… Dr. Ali Raj, executive vice chairman of the department of medicine at Mass. General Hospital. ‘they don’t do anything in terms of filtering out anything the wearer is exhaling.’ Because people can be carriers of COVID-19 but never exhibit any of the telltale signs or symptoms, Raj said, they could be unintentionally expelling the virus through the mask’s one-way air hole and potentially infecting those around them.””

Thank you, Dan. You are absolutely right. The valves on this particular mask can be quarter turned to close them off… something I only learned a few weeks back and immediately did. Thanks for posting that info.


Well there goes my cool (valved) Airpop mask.

I recently bought a couple overpriced ‘buff’ type elasticized fabric tubes, they just slide over your face like a bandana. Fun colors and patterns. I’m thinking about these like socks or underwear - wear them and wash them. They are probably 50% less effective than a N95 but probably that much more bearable to wear.


That is not the objective of wearing a mask. 80% of the world being infected or a vaccine will “stamp out” a virus. fyi, 80% infection rate at a conservative 2% mortality = 100MM more dead people.

The objective of masks is to slow infection rate, which in turn keeps treatment resources available. Over-taxing the healthcare system will increase the 2% mortality rate.

The data is not as conclusive as they would prefer. But since wearing a mask can’t hurt, unlike hydroxychloroquine, wear one.

Wow. Your hyperbole is awesome! Meaningless, but nonetheless awesome, for someone who obviously never has suffocated.

Incorrect. We don’t have definitive information, you know, where p=0.05. Do you understand p value?

No one has recommended just wearing a mask. Ever. And you have any data to support your claim if someone actually recommended that, it would kill more people? Or are just wear a mask people responsible for proving claims?

I suspect designbreathing believes libertarianism is something more than a fantasy.

You were totally right.

You might be able to block those valves on the backside if they don’t twist to close. I’ve seen people doing that.

My wife picked up a package of these. They say N95 rated, though surprisingly thin. I was impressed by the design. They fold down super flat, but also fit amazingly well. This thing has more contact around the perimeter than my expensive mask when I wear it.

Folded out of the package

Unfold to wear

being worn

After being worn. They got a lot of dimensionality out of this very minimal design.

Have a link for those? Looks like a good semi customized fit.

Michael, these masks look terrific, do you have a source you can share for them?

Yes, they come in packs of 5:

Please note, they say KN95 comparable to US NIOSH N95 and European FFP2 respirators. It looks like KN95 is the Chinese certification. They are approved by the CDC. A little digging I did on that if you want to read about it:

Those are disposable. Meaning, 1-time use, up to 12 hours. At $10/pop, a lot of scratch.

That said, there is some controversy in the infection prevention world about disposable masks. There are a few KOLs saying it is OK to reuse them. And that may be indeed the case, but that is off-the-record, nothing published. Manufacturers won’t do anything about it because the cost to actually prove you can reuse them makes it a non-starter.

Why not go out in style now.