Please wear masks

Design friends. Please wear a mask when you are outside of the home. COVID-19 cases are up. Studies show that even if only 50% of people would wear masks that transmission would dip to the level that the virus would die out. It takes no effort to wear a mask and the life you save may be your own.

I’ll second this. People are generally being careful in this area, but like Michael said it really takes no effort. The more people see others in masks, the more the behavior will start filtering down to the skeptics.

yep, we have to get over the social acceptability hump…

Sweet. Pretty ballsy bringing politics to the forum. :slight_smile:

That said, I equate those who do not wear masks to those who do not wash their hands after using the bathroom. They are disgusting. (actually, the covid virus has a higher mortality rate than poop-borne illness, so in reality, it is worse not to wear a mask. either way, you are disgusting.)

Yah, sad state that science has become “political”… thanks for the stats iab, that is pretty crazy.

Sad that politics are not guided and do not support science. It’s also sad that the general public lacks common sense to understand that the virus is not gone just because cities are starting to re-open.
And actually asking to wear a mask is a PSA or health recommendation. It should have never been turned into a political tool.

If only there were some kind of central governing body who could be trusted to put forth reliable information we could all trust and rely on. That could shape our country’s response to a global pandemic.

At any rate: Yeah, wear your mask. It’s just about the easiest thing you can do to keep yourself and those around you safe.


It means you don’t have to fake smile at people anymore, what’s not to love?!

Yes. #pleasewearmasks

I lectured a guy on the local trails yesterday for spitting all over the trail junction. (He also had no helmet and airpods and rode a fully rigid 29" hybrid.)

MD that thing is pretty fancy. Two years ago before my first China trip I obtained a stack of Airpop masks through one of the founders, who was also a SU grad. They are pretty slick.

It’s somewhat controversial where I live (Michigan) to some people, but I wear a mask any time I leave the house, why risk it? I’m worried/interested to see what happens in the coming months, our governor has received alot of flack for how she has been handling Covid however, we have the best numbers of any state in the US right now, so yes, I will continue to wear my mask and listen to her orders.

It I have a 5% change of getting the virus, and wearing a mask will reduce that 5% by 30% to 3.5% why wouldn’t I do that? And if both people are wearing masks it will reduce that 5% by 90% down to .5% why wouldn’t everyone do that?

The freedom thing makes no sense. You can’t urinate in public either. If we want to talk about freedom we have bigger issues to focus on other than wearing a mask to save lives.

I think the biggest issue aside from freedoms, is some people just don’t believe the disease is that big of a deal and that most doctors are lying about how many cases there actually are.

You can’t cure stupid.


irrational decisions left and right. 100K+ deaths is enough for me.

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Masks are not meat to stamp out the virus but rather reduce the spread from infected people. Agree on “experts” not having the same approach or recommendations and even contradicting themselves, but being a new virus spread by airborne droplets and which experts are still learning about, I would wear a mask until they get their s#@^ together. Like you said, buy time. And yes, we’ll all probably get it (or already got it without knowing) but I rather not help spread the virus to the most vulnerable segment of the population.

Wearing a mask is an inconvenience but nearly 500K deaths worldwide is more important and shouldn’t be taken lightly even if it infringes on peoples “freedoms”. I still don’t understand the correlation between waving the American flag and not wearing a mask.

Sorry but offering a retracted study as evidence is not helping matters.

People being sloppy, tired, stubborn or just plain reckless by going to bars is probably why masks are made mandatory. Usually governments take into account the lowest common denominator.