Please tell me what I'm doing wrong!!

I’ve been able to land several interviews lately with my teaser, and I feel my portfolio as a whole is fairly strong. I’ve interviewed extremely well, and kept in contact/was persistent in following up. I just cannot seem to get the past the first/second interview. I graduated in May 09, and although I am gainfully employed at an Architectural Lighting firm, I can’t seem to land a real, hardcore, product design position. I know we are in a rough economy, but is there anything you see in my teaser that is maybe mis-representing me as an Industrial Designer? Any feedback would be much appreciated!
Here is the link to my Teaser on Coroflot:


Hi there

There’s nothing wrong with your portfolio. Its quite nice…but maybe that’s it. There’s more people with nice portfolio’s.
If you want to sell yourself you have to sell your uniqueness. What can you sell? Are you great in in generation, sketching, styling, engineering, prototyping, mangement, cad? Try to focus on what differentiates you from the crowd. You’ll probably have less interviews but more change of nailing a job that really fits you.

Oh and yes these are dark times. They don’t just hire people to ‘test’ them. They want to make absolutely sure that you will be a major contribution in the company. Again try to sell you ‘uniqueness’ as if they really need your skills.

Hope this helps



Really nice stuff, but the images lack pop. The design work is solid, but I’d work on your images and layouts. Bump up the contrast, always make sure one image dominates. I’d rather see a lot more slides with less on each one, right now I see a lot of great little gems all competing to be seen and it comes off cluttered.

Your 90% there. Just needs some buffing.

Thanks for the feedback guys. Really sound advice, which I’ll take to heart as I move forward.

K, the first page is just text, nothing crazy interesting. Maybe include tiny thumbnails of your work along the bottom. Something. The second page is all just CAD renderings. If this is the “teaser” you are sending people, all it is showing me is that you can do Solidworks decently, and you can sketch basic, basic shapes. You have profiles of a few spheres, and some box shape objects.

I guess what I think you could improve on, is showcasing your ability to sketch, and show more process. Right now I see a few tiny, tiny thumbnails, and huge renderings. The longer I’m in this industry the more I think it’s the other way around. Blow up your sketches, show that you can think, know how things are assembled, have perspective, and the ability to sketch shapes more complicated than a sphere/box. The renderings are nice… but I think sketching is much more important.