Please provide some portfolio feedback

Hi, I have recently created my portfolio website which includes a limited amount of work. I would be grateful if you could provide some feedback with regards to the usability and layout of my website, and any of the work included if you wish to do so. I am aware that the majority of the text is meaningless at this time, but you should still be able to get an idea of the way my work will be presented once I have more content to add.

My portfolio address is in my signature.

Many thanks,


My portfolio address is in my signature.

no it’s not. :smiley:

On another note: i think it would be a more effective critique if you finished one project all the way on your portfolio to give us a hint of what other projects would look like, rather than 10 unfinished ones.

You’re right, i’ve just realised i’m not allowed to add a signature. I’ve edited my original post to include the link.


it’s good that you put yourself out there and are open for critique.

However I would urge you to consider to put more work into your site before you put it up here or have it live.
Showing something so unfinished can more harm you than do you good. This is for example the first time I see something of you, so the first impression is not a good one. Lots of broken links, next to no work and the text in the ‘about’ section is some wiki-esque rendition about the history of Industrial Design which I started reading until I got it. A frustrating experience.

My suggestion would be, polish it to the point where it is presentable and critique-able. Until then, I would take it off the internet while you work on it.

I think bepster brings up a good point in general about posting projects and/or portfolios for critique.

Even though ‘we’ all know that projects etc. posted are a work in progress (like all portfolios) it still should be at a certain level, so people can give meaningful feedback. The more you give, the more we can give you back.

Keep truckin’

I was hoping more for feedback on the website layout rather than the amount of work included. Either way, thanks for the comments, i’ll be sure to post my portfolio back up when it’s all finished for critique. Thanks.