Please post ALL of the pics you have of concept drawings...

I need any concept or sketches from the actual artist/designer of released sneakers. Can be from adidas/converse/Jordan/Nike/etc.


for what?
for who?

this isn’t a drive through at McDonalds. You need to give to get.

I apologize.

I’ve been collecting renderings that I’ve seen from random artists(not necessarily employed artists), and I wanted to start saving concept drawings of released sneakers such as the Jordan XI or the Jordan III.

If anyone would be able to help out, it would be much appreciated.

Take Care. I’ll post some of my own sketches eventually that I do for fun in my free time.

Needing and wanting are two different things, like do you need them to say put together a collection for a book for profit, or do you want them because you are super excited about renderings and feel like you must procure them for your personal collection?

either way this isn’t a hobby for us, we’re into green design, green like money.

its good to be interested in design and sketching, but i suggest that you’ll get a more positive response if you are more specific and do your homework first.

there are countless threads here on the forums with sketches and renders. plus you can get lots from coroflot portfolios. not to mentioned the wealth of google image searches.

if you want more, i’m not sure if you’ll get it. if its out there, you can likely find it, if not, there’s probably a reason its not out there.

sorry, but the initial post seems a bit like trolling…