please please view my website

Dear all,
i’ve created my online protfolio using a ready made website design.
please check out some of my works and give me your creics and feed back

thanks a lot

Ready made? I’ve never seen a interface quite like that - I love how you can move the palettes wherever you want to on the screen. I have to admit it did take a little while to get used to it, but that’s half the fun. You’re work is clean and impressive, I would like to see some descriptions of the space designs however. Very nice work.

hey elie,
I have to agree with the other guy, it took me a while to understand what whats going on. Then I realised and enjoyed throwing and spinning the cards around the screen.

Its very different to anything else I can recall seeing. Its less like a website and more like a simulation or something. I dont know.
I really liked it though. It felt clean and easy to use after the initial confussion. Some lovely work there, was impressed.

If I was to pick holes for the sake of it I would say that when you click on one of the cards and it opens up, i think I would prefer it if it just did that until you chose one to look at more closely instead of automatically opening the first one on the list. Does that make sense? sorry if its not very clear. I am not great with words.

thanks guys for your feed back
i’m glad that u did like som of my work
i will add discription for all the items but i need some time because it’s not finalized yet.
thanks for your feed back again

is there any another feedback?

where did the template come from?

made by YOUKI

I have to say after seeing that template it really takes away the wow factor. If anyone asks how you came up with the idea or how you did it, your going to have to say you just found it on the internet which really isnt all that impressive.

It would be more impressive if you could design your own website and then you can say you made it.

Just my opinion.

My opinion, flash is over-done at this point…

i used the template as a service … from the begining i told u that i didn’t design the website
i just used it as a ready made web to show my designs
i need feedback about the my designs not about the website.

Hi Elio,
I think the web design you’ve chosen ends up overwhelming your designs. Your designs get lost in the flash of Flash.
My opinion. Humble too.