Please let me know what you think.

Looking to get a crit on the work I have.

Thanks in advance.

There is alot to digest in that PDF. The one thing about PDF documents versus a coroflot or a web page is that you have dictated the order in which the user will view your projects. Viewers cannot jump from one project to another very easily as you can in coroflot, they are forced to scroll down through the document. So it leaves me wondering if these pages are placed in any specific order. Since the borders are all the same and they are even the same color, projects start to flow into one another. I got confused where one project would end and another would begin.

I thought that some of the projects could be left out. For some projects there were only a couple of images, with no information or description. These projects seemed out of place or that there was something missing. I would ellaborate more on these projects or leave them out entirely. For example it jumps from the glo light to an ergo scraper to two tables. The scraper seems oddly wedged between the lighting and furniture. I would eliminate the scraper, its a bit of a yawner. Maybe including all the furniture together would give me more to look at on one page.

Definetely include more text, even something as simple as your “personal cooling device” can be elaborated on greatly. Is it a foam fan, or plastic? Am I giong to cut my finger in the blade or knock it over when I am reaching for the snooze? Is it battery powered for travel or does it plug in? Is it back-light? Is there a night light? Why does the blade look like a flower? Projects always seem so obvious to the designer, but when you are someone looking at something for the first time it can be confusing.

The chair looks farmiliar - Pratone designed by Giorgio Ceretti? Where else have I seen that before?

Sorry if this was alot. I also have no idea if you are a first year design student or a graduate. If you were a first year, I would say, good start, but I am assuming that by the number of projects you are graduated or near graduated so I will say keep refining. peace

Definitely consolidate the pages by combining some of your process work into one (or two pages MAX) for each project. Make the final design “candy shots” be the dominant visual on the page, and support it with process sketches and mockups, along with text. In my opinion, taking “print screen” shots of a project in the draft window of Solidworks is a big no-no. Take the time to make a nice environment rendering, or at the very least photoshop out the green start button and windows frame :wink:

As far as layout, I agree with Arch…you need some sort of variation in the layout to help deliniate the different project changes (Also, seriously consider reworking the typography of your “Vision” project logo - I’m no graphic designer, but “i” can spot bad al"i"gnment when “i” see "i"t…catch my drift?

Your “Adapt” backpack project process sketches are pretty good, although you may consider ousting the scraper project because those sketches bring an undue handicap on your sketching abilities.

Hope you get the most out of all this. Just take the time to sift through all of your pages and combine like-projects and process into one or two pages. A cleaner layout and attention to how each project flows from one to the other will make this a lot stronger porfolio. Good Luck :sunglasses:

some nice stuff there…which makes the rough stuff look v poor. Cut out the crap. for the light your final model looks pretty good but the skethc work/cad work doesn’t add anything to it so why is it there? If you going to have some development make sure its the tits. the scrapper doesn’t liek any different to any other scrapper…what makes it unqie?

The text on the last page is not designed for a PDF so make it bigger so i can read it without zooming in

thanks for all the comments…it helped a lot. I’ve been so used to looking at these projects that it was getting very hard for me to see the things that weren’t comming across clearly enough. So thanks for all the comments.

I’m sorry for any visability problems with the text in the PDF. I took these pages from an old version of my print portfolio so they were not designed for on screen.

I do have some questions. Everyone seems to say that I should take out the things that don’t add to the project, and I agree that things like the CAD stuff doesn’t add to the project, but it show a prospective employer that I know how to use the program (I’m not just saying in on my resume)?

Also in a portfolio how many pages/spreads would you give to each project? Do you only give one spread to each project and then have process books for each that have all the little details of the project?

Thanks again for all the help

Jackal…dont cut out CAD…your right, that shows that your skill with cad modeling. But if you’re going to show models from the computer, make sure you render them out and add them to the layout in the correct form: (i.e. a jpeg of the model in an environment or showing a simple shadow…) When I say dont show the solidworks window, I meant how you were showing it…DONT post “print screen” screen shots that show your whole desktop…export images from the program and properly format it to your portfolio layout.

As far as spreads…try to be consistent: If a project needs two pages, apply the content in order of importance (get the gist of the project and the solution, followed up by process work). I.M.O.P. I wouldn’t go beyond 2 pages per project. If you have TONS of process work, save it in a process book for when you get called in for an interview. That is easier on the viewer than having to page through 50 pages of pdf’s :wink: