Please identify this vintage daybed

Hi folks ,

the home we were able to aquire carried some vintage furniture from the build time (early 60ies). Amongst other items this daybed. I thought about keeping, but it needs to be restored and I have enough jobs assigned, so I might offload it into fleabay. Sadly I know which renown dealer probably sold it together eith everything else, but it doesn’t carry a hint who designed or built it… And I feel a little newb. about it.

See pics:

Thanks mo-i

Sorry, have no idea. Looks pretty generic, so might be impossible to determine. Missing the top cushion?


This triggered my curiosity-especially as I’ve been thinking of trying to find something similar.

From your photos you may have the bones of a Peter Hvidt & Orla Molgaard Nielsen daybed

Thanks for your time and reply. The “feet” look very fitting, indeed.
But the rest is a little off. Sadly all the upholstery is gone, since this
“old stuff” was not valued by the heirs.

I did put the frame on fleabay yesterday with the usual (and cheesy) “knoll style”

Hope it finds a good home and I don’t have to hide from the spouse, that
I sneaked it back in…