Please, i need some feedbacks on my huarache

Hi everybody, I’m working on this Huarache Design. The parts that i circled are the parts that i dont like.
1.The ankle support vent shape.
2.The vent next to the heel on the side.
3.The vent at the front
4.The sole where it’s circled
My question is how can i improve the Design style of these 4 area?
Are there any other elements that i need to improve or change?


I think the design has a lot of potential. Overall I’d say try to find a balance between complimenting the sole and the upper. Right now the lines look very oriented to look well with the sole, but the hard edges don’t look right on the upper (mostly the ankle). I’d play around with more organic shapes (mostly at the ankle and heel vent). Good work!

I feel like you are letting an aesthetic overide the design of the shoe. The flat top line of the midsole would cause the foam to wrap over the toe, it would make this a stiff tank. I suggest thinking about the foot more and let the aesthetic flow from the functionality. Doing something more geometric is cool, but make sure the shoe serves the foot and not the other way araound.

Thanks for the feebacks, i think i’m a little bit tired. I need a break…:slight_smile:
it looks so geometric that’s why it is hard for me to add some details. I will work on it tonight and post it. This time i will let the line flow better.

Cool, sometimes you have to go down a road to see where it takes you. For designs like this sometimes it helps me to wrap a shoe in masking tape like a mummy and draw the design over top. This will help show you how the lines will fall in 3D… I’ve seen guys actually airbrush their tae ups and they almost look like a real shoe.