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I need some advice. I have been accepted to a bachelor of industrial design program and a master of architecture program. I already have a bachelor and masters degree in Fine Art. I would prefer to go into ID but do not really feel like doing another 4 years when it is just another bachelor degree. I’ve also been told that it is easier to do an architecture degree and end up doing ID, then vice versa. Also I’ve been thinking about doing just a 2 year masters in ID instead of all of this but am worried that I won’t gain all the skills necessary in only 2 years. Can anybody give me some advice? Thanks.

2 years is PLENTY of time to gain skills necessary to succeed in ID. Especially if you are older and more serious about this education. Scrap the 4 year bach of ID, you are not a professional perpetual student.

ESPECIALLLLY, in this field where experience, skill, portoflio is more valuable than credentials and degree collections. Leave that for doctors and nobel prize laureates.

Bachelor AND master in fine art? and you want more…you really are collecting degrees…

If you truly want to go into ID, and want to spend another 2 years and $$$, then go for the master in ID. Multiple bachelors is ridiculous (especially in art/design field).

First, without a bachelors you cant get a Masters of anything in just 2 years. Even your MArch is a 3 year program, yes?

Second, no way your portfolio will compete with undergrads interviewing for the same job when you’ve spent half your education in grad seminars and doing all the research for a thesis - yes research, an MFA process wont cut it in ID.

six years and an MFA and your debating Arch/ID school, your not exactly a highly career-directed type - no offense. I’d strongly suggest the 2nd Bachelors with co-op’s / internships the whole nine yards, including all the marketing and manufacturing credits your 1st degree allows room for.

! a 2nd Masters is of NO career value.

4 years is BARELY enough for most. There’s been a lot of discussion over the years of increasing the standard ID education to 6 years. I have yet to meet a successful Industrial Designer who did it in under 4.

–to the poster–

Here’s my 2 cents:

Question #1: What do you want to do as a designer?

If this is a career change and you want to go into a corporate/consultancy role after school, I’d agree with no spec: go into a bachelor’s program- a lot of your existing classes will transfer, giving you more time for internships and co-ops.

If you are thinking of using your art background in design to open your own studio, a Masters in Design (not architecture) may work better because the thesis will allow the needed critical work to make this happen. I know and went to school with people who took this route and have been successful.

It’s a matter of where you want to go.

Actually, I know plenty of successful designers who only studied design for 2 or 3 years… they didn’t go to art school. Most University programs are 4 or 5 year degree programs with about 2 or 3 years of art and design classes… I only had 3 years of design classes…


i’m a product design student who started a open ab in art and design thinking i would become an artist, but soon realized that to a) have a wage and b) create something which everyone could own i decide to speicalize in design and i’m know on a masters in design degree.

everyone reaches that point where they have to make that choice about just what creative area they are going to specialize in?

i think you should go with what you heart and instincts tell you to do.

is a designer i think a two year course would be too short to learn all the skills to become a designer.

PS. do you feel like a desinger can you contemplate spending your life looking at the world around you and never being satisified until you have changed it.

good luck