please help me!

i am currently a second year student at western michigan university. the program here is now in the process of being cut even though they are allowing every in it to complete their 4 year degree. in the first place im not totally impressed with the program here at time, though other times im very impressed. all in all i would like to transfer somewhere else, and i am currently considering university of cincinnati. mainly because they are in state for me and also a better program than the one i am currently in. only problem is my gpa is just under a 3.0 and i must have a 3.0 to enter the program. i am thinking of staying at western until i raise my gpa then transfer there, or transfer there and get my gpa up there. i am just worried about not getting accepted to the cinci program, and i am already in this one. so basically here is my question. even if i finish here at this school, and i come out with a bomb ass portfolio, will i be able to still get a top notch job? do companies look at where i came from? or how badass my portfolio is? please any help would be appreciated

UMM…a bombass portfolio :laughing: is more important than the school in most cases IMO. But how are you gonna have a bombass portfolio with a low GPA? Are you failing math? what’s the deal?

Get on the phone and start talking your way in. Drive, tenacity (along with a thought-provoking portfolio) will take you a long way.

-Or take some super-easy summer classes to raise that GPA.
-or see if your teachers have any pull to get you a spot.

BTW, there are other schools besides cinci.

yes, portfolio everytime!
and, co-ops = jobs!
In-state? go down and talk to everyone you can at DAAP, convince them you have what it takes and the GPA wont matter.

anyone know how good the furniture design school is at Kendall University in Michigan? and how bout cincinnati cuz thats prolly where i will end up, and i will be damn glad to edn up there. if u guys know of any notable schools in mich/ohio area let me know. i know of ccs, osu, and northern mich also. i am considering art center in cali but wayyy out of my price range. but i may be able to convince the father to send me there…we shall see. i just want the best school damn it. but i obviously cannot afford too much… any schools in ohio would be the best.

mbetteker, I understand the type of situation you may be in. I went to Western Michagan University as well, and even though it may not have the reputation a lot of those expensive design schools have, it got me and a lot of the people that I graduated with, where they are today. I guess what I’m getting at is, it doesn’t necessarily matter how sweet the reputation is of the school, it’s how much you apply yourself to get your first job and your foot in the door. We had probably one of the most talented graduating classes at Western and a lot have gone on to have successful jobs and are currently doing very well for themselves in the design industry. Don’t worry so much about what you are paying, or what schools people look at when you look for your first job, just have a bomb-ass portfolio like you said and learn as much as you can from the remaining staff, students and whoever else you can. Try to get get an internship, I believe you will learn the most with hands on first hand experience. So wheather it is Kendall, Cinci or Western they will all do what you need them to do in the future, help you learn and get basic skills. Oh yeah and by the way, I believe Kendall is a great school for furniture design. Where I am working now, we currently have 3 designers/product engineers from Kendall. There work seems to be very comparable with mine. If you need anything else let me know.

awesome. u just made me feel alot better bout the time i have spent here at western so far, and the rest of the time i am going to spend here. i am definitely willing to put in the time to be the best, i was just worried bout western teachin me the best things. and the internships im gonna be all over this summer for sure. but kabby, a big point i have to make. Al correa left…i think he was the strongest point of the program and now he is gone. right now no one is nearly as good as him and not nearly as motivated. whatya think bout that?

basically…the teachers here now dont give out good assignments and dont teach well. assignments will be varied…do 10 sketches…30 sketches…our teacher is allowing us to do our own sketch style as long as its loose which i think is awesome…cuz most of us have developed our style right now. but we just arent being pushed…any suggestions on ways to continually improve? right now i keep sketchbooks around and always try to improve sketching…but any suggestion would kick ass.

First off, don’t get me wrong, Al was a great instructor and I’m sure he did very well in the design industry in his day. I think he was someone more to keep us in line and motivate us to get better at what we did best, whether it was sketching, computer work or modeling. So now if your instructors aren’t doing that for you, you have to maintain that frame of mind yourself. Who are your instructors now? Anyway, I think coming from such a talented class we didn’t need instructors to push us as much as other may think. We were primarily motivated by one another and pushed one another. Yeah everyone is not always going to be friends in the class, but always excel to be the best. If someone does something sweet for one project or assignment and really stands out in the class, then just remember that for the next assignment and do one step better. I think when we were there, we just keep raising “the bar” for ourselves each week. Someone new would try to top the class by just doing a little more. If the instructors say do 10 sketches do 20 really tight/fine sketches. Just step it up for yourself, be in it for yourself, and you will get what you have worked for.
Let me know if you need anything else. Later