Please help me to choose school!!

I’m an international student who is graduated from business university. With great enthusiasm in art, I apply some programs for 2008 fall. Now I got Pratt Communication Design Master admission and SVA Graphic Design Transfer Program Admission. I’m still waiting for RISD Graphic Design Transfer Program. For me, RISD is my dream school and I want to get the admission. But many of my friends and families suggest that I should go Pratt for Master program. Do you have any suggestion for me? Thank you!

I’m a RISD alum and I heard that it’s GD program is well respected. However, I’m transferring out because the cost is too big and the ID program is not up to par. RISD is a good art school but I think it’s a bit too overrated.

In the past RISD has had a fantastic GD program, I’m not sure how it is now. Going to school in New York is a good thing as well.