This is Henry Chen asking for help.

Now i’m 18 years old and i just graduated from High School, im interested some thing like Interior stuff, for example Interior design, Interior architect, or object design. I wish go to the College in the State but now the problem is Im at Vancouver, and if i want to transfer to the State I have to take the SAT test and also have to make an Art profolio. I dont have enough time to done both stuff in 4 month. For 2 thing that maybe takes me like 1 year, because english is one of my barrier. But now here is the other question, if I go college in Vancouver i dont need to have a Profolio and also no need to take any English exams like SAT, TOFEL, ect.

  1. Should I spend one year to Improve my English and finish the Profolio?

2.Or i just go to the College in Vancouver?

Please Please help me, im very struggling in those 2 questions.

This is my

You can take the first year or two locally then transfer over later. It’s also MUCH cheaper to go to school in Canada, FYI. Capilano College has a good art program. If you go to Emily Carr you do need a portfolio, they’re the only ones locally that has Industrial Design.

I have studied in the US and I can truthfully say that the low level of English was a huge problem and I was shocked that schools accept students who practically do not speak English.

Design is more than renderings and models. It is about communication and a big chunk of that is verbal or written.
My advice is that if want to study in an English speaking country, make sure your English is up to par. Otherwise it will be a very difficult time for both you and your fellow students.

The good news Henry is that at 18 years old - you’ve got plenty of time on your side.

My thoughts on this are:
If you want to work at a high-level in the design industry it will be well worth the effort to spend time creating a portfolio and applying to a good school (either in Vancouver or elsewhere). If you plan on working in North America you will also need to continue to improve your English.

Yes… it is possible to get accepted to many diploma programs in design without a portfolio or a strong command of English. However- these students are still competing for jobs with people who graduate from “better” schools. Just because you get a diploma doesn’t mean you are going to get a job. Design jobs are extremely competitive so you can’t afford to take short-cuts with your education.

I would suggest you spend this year learning English and at the same time take a Continuing Education course or two locally at Emily Carr, Kwantlen, or Capilano - you don’t need a portfolio for those courses and the work you complete will provide you a portfolio to enter into a degree program the following year.

I would think of it like this : If your really wanting to go into this field then I would question those institutions that do not require a portfolio and not require a standard of english.

The portfolio would scream alarm bells to me. You have to wonder why an institution is willing to just take on anybody, are they just wanting your money? There is a reason why good institutes vet and why they have a higher calliber of graduates. (This is not to say you can’t do it all yourself but it is another hurdle)

English again, similar to Bepster I have been amazed to see students who cant communicate with their proffessors or peers. How are you going to interpret feedback ← which is vital. Also the flip side of this is as bepster mentioned when you work in groups it is an extra burden for them to communicate with you.

If it were me, and I really want to push a career in design and get the most for my money out of higher education. Improve your english and put together a portfolio. You might think that waiting another year is a bit of a failure but it isn’t. It is simply providing you to improve on your skills and get the most out of education. Don’t forget you’ll still only be 19 when you enter into college\university. You can do a HUGE amount in a year especially with the information available on the internet and core 77