Please help me find the perfect laptop... URGENT!!

Hi, I’m an industrial design student from colombia (south america) and I’m in new york at the moment so I want to buy a laptop, but it has to be this week!!!

I decided to buy the Sony vaio VGN - S380P wich has a intel centrino m 2 Ghz, 1 gb RAM, etc… it costs $2299=
I like it because I’m looking for something light but not to small (I think the 13" screen is perfect, so a 14" would be).

I’ve red some reviews but still I’m not sure wich laptop I should get, so if you guys can help me out finding the best one for me I’ll really appreciate it.

Please write your sugestions, I want something light and of curse well design (something cool) but also I need to run Rhino 3D, photoshop, flash, solidworks, and maybe some others… but the top price would be like 2300 dolars (plus taxes I guess).


Please any of you guys post any comments or suggestions… any laptop review of any laptop you are using at the moment that i can get in the stores.
Pleaseee! thanks!

If you make a search for “laptop” on this site, you’ll find posts like this one best laptop computers for ID (the list)

There is a whole bunch of reviews available at

Depending on the tools you would like to run on the system (ie some high-end 3D tools require OpenGL based graphic cards to run correctly and smoothly), it is highly recommended to check the list of qualified systems on the vendor’s site.