Please help me figure out which college I'm best suited to..

Guys I really need help on which college to go to. I wrote the following to IT Carlow and NCAD:

"I have been interested in studying Industrial Design since I was 14 but the way
things turned out I ended up studying architecture for 2 years and then ended up
working in the IT/Communications Industry since. I find myself coming back a full circle to be confronted by the fact that really I belong in a design field
rather than the current one I am working in.

I have a clear idea of what I would like to specialise in and what I want from a course and I am currently in the process of trying to match a college in the
Netherlands (I am half dutch), Ireland, or possibly the likes of Ankara or Umea to the criteria I would like the course to meet.

I would like to specialise in Furniture/Exhibition Design with a particular
focus on woodwork and also in Electronics such as mp3 players, cd players and so on. I would have an open mind to other design but I find myself constantly coming back to these things.

What I am looking for in a course is the following:
*A course that will allow me to gain a lot of skills in woodworking, model
making and other practical hands on skills such as metal work and anything that
involves actually building the finished product or a protype.
*A course that will give me a variety of skills in computer aided design. I want
to learn about various computer design programmes.
*A course that will give me a good technical grounding especially in the sector
of mechanics ie to compliment Electronic Design.
*A course that will give me a good grounding in the Business behind design.

I hope this doesn’t sound too rigid. I have been researching into studying
Industrial Design for a number of years now and hence I have a very clear idea of what exactly it is I want.

I have attended open days of a number of Industrial Design courses in Holland and Ireland and I find I am still stuck when it comes to deciding which college would be best suited to me.

I feel a bit of a pull to study in the Netherlands but the problem is that I
find the courses seem to be too extreme to one or the other end for my liking.
For example Tu Delft seems to be too rigid and engineering focussed whilst the Design Academy in Eindhoven seem to lack an understanding of the technicalities behind a product and don’t seem to have as good a grounding in Computer Aided design. I get the impression that perhaps IT Carlow and NCAD might be a bit more

I looked into Umea but unfortunately the course is in Swedish so I can’t go there but will definately keep it in mind as a follow up eg masters.

I looked into Turkeytoo. Can’t see examples of the work. Seems there are better designers coming out of the courses in istanbul. Studying in Turkey seems a slightly daunting prospect ie being in a country far from home and a country i don’t know at all.

Please help! Thanks in advance

Come to Carleton. I have to go to class now – I’ll edit this post later.

Carleton Canada? Too far and more than likely too expensive.I’m looking at 2k per year max 4 k to study…