Please help, I'll take any input!

A year ago I received my BS in Marketing and have no desire to do anything with it. Went through internships with no joy and now in service industry. I want to go to school for Industrial Design, but would like to do it in under 4 years. Is this possible? Any quality schools in Chicago, where I live and work?

The only schools that have an undergrad in ID in Chicago is U of I, Chicago and Columbia College. Both programs are weak. U of I is strong than Columbia’s (which is only 4 years old.) Most of the folks from U of I end up in POP, which is fine if that’s what you want to do.

The closest school to Chicago that’s quality would be U of Cincinnati. It shouldn’t take you more than 4 years… might even take less.

Cleveland Institute of Art is closer to Chicago than Cincinnatti. But it’s a five year program heavily geared to transportation and toys.

Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design is also a pretty good program if product design is your thing.

College for Creative Studies is only 4 hrs away!

If sticking to the Chicago area I would go with MIAD, if commuting is not your forte there should be an amtrak that runs from downtown Chitown to a couple of blocks from the campus.