please help asap

Hey i have a loft at school with desk under the bed. I need to figure out something to go across where my desk is becuase my desk light wakes up my roomate and he can’t sleep. Does anyone have some good ides how I can study. he goes to bed at 10 I stay up till 3 or so. I need a think sheet or something to go across(almost like a tent) so i can study and hey can sleep. PLEASE HELP

it might be cheaper and easier if you just got your roomate one of those sleep masks

do you have to use your desk light maybe you just go and purchase a small desk lamp-I to have roomates that go to sleep early-and my light hums-it gets annoying for me too- I have to put on headphones-I would look into other lamp solutions-How load is it? maybe just a common ground needs to be made, it is your room also, talk something out- a 15 min talk could save you some money-saving money always sounds good–

Go to target or walmart and buy a set of cheap dark sheets or a large dark blanket. Tuck one side of the sheet under your bed and let the rest of it hang down like a curtain.

If he still bitches take a plain white sock, put a large bar of ivory soap in it and strike him several times while screaming “go to sleep” at the top of your lungs.
For further demonstration watch either “full metal jacket” or “PCU” - the flashback scene with Jeremy Piven is especially helpful.

The only option i can see