please help and support my kickstarter project

hi everyone,
my name is Quinn from Melbourne, I’m an industrial design who recently launched a kickstarter project.
The product is called Liquid wallet that holds your essentials cards and 2 keys in a slim profile form factor.

It’s going quite well but need more exposure and support.

if you guys can spread the word on facebook

Anything feedback or shares on facebook would be appreciated.
If anyone know any bloggers that has influence please let me know, i would
like to contact those bloggers for more exposure. thankyou

This isn’t the best place to get exposure, people here are more interested in your design process.

That being said I like the solid construction and am definitely a fan of thin wallets, I currently use a small leather sleeve. But I wouldn’t use this product because it would leave my Honda Civic key all alone. When it comes to keys and cards, the only way I’m going to change my current method will be with the advent of new technologies such as NFC chips for payments and keyless entry.

Primo pretty much nailed it. As an international “design” (think verb, not noun) website, we’re definitely more interested in the process, than the sell. Especially from first time posters.

Please post some of your work, we’d like to see what led you to this solution.

Otherwise, this post is just SPAM.

This is, of course, my personal opinion.