please go to 'life before CAD' ..page8-10 R best

please go to ‘life before CAD’ …start reading at page 8 or 9.
entertainment at its best
thank you core for this forum
it is priceless and should be framed.

start at page 7 for the whole story

Life Before CAD keeps getting better.
don’t miss out on this one.
the drama continues.

Yes, priceless for the patentable idiocy in it and advertising to the world the IQ of the average designer on this much visited forum.

Thanks Core indeed for sleeping at the wheel once more.

Wow- and I though I was bored at work!

I posted this thread!


rock on morans
entertainment has always been more powerful than design!

also, people are not bored at work…they are bored at home. give them a break, we (designers) work very very hard being serious all day, please let the Life Before CAD participants rest with the moranic banter. besides it is entertaining and if we never showed our humanity other non designers might never take a serious. sometimes you have to give others something to relate to.

last thing. get over yourself. one discussion board on a site that only designers go to will not represent the us poorly to the outside world because I don’t think much of the outside world (design world) comes here.

I love coming here and catching up - Thanks UFO & YKH!

I bet these two sit in cubicles next to eachother and don’t even know it! (Maybe Yo is their supervisor) Each thinks there other is furiously typing away on some important project and feels compelled to appear to be working on something himself.

Please keep it up! Everyone here thinks I’m working too…

er…did you mean “morons” dude?

lol, yes, morons, moran.
not mormons

What is this world coming too!!! A designer who mispelled a word!!! Christ someone should get that person and banish them from the profession for representing so poorly.