Please give me some constructive feedback

I recently put up a website containing some of my work. I would greatly appreciate it if you guys take a look and give me any feedback about the site and its contents. Thanks for your time. :slight_smile:

A few things:

All of your work seems to be presented in the form of pretty renderings. I see no content showing your thought process, your form development, your reasons for making decisions, etc. If you’re looking to showcase your work, then thats fine. If you’re looking to send this to potential employers, then you’re hurting yourself by not showing sketches and project development.

A general rule of thumb is to show enough work to get something interested. If I can see you can make 1 pretty rendering, I don’t need to see a dozen more to know that you know how to render. Use your projects to showcase individual skills - sketching, model making, research, etc.

Judging by your CV you’ve still got a few years of school to go, so don’t worry about it at this phase, just think about how your future projects will fill a need in your portfolio. You should look at new projects as a way to hone and expand your skillset, not just as a way to showcase things you’re already good at.