Please give me feedback on my portfolio

Hey all;

This is my first portfolio. I am an international grad student at NC state and this is my second semester . I have compiled a few projects for my portfolio and i want you to critique them and let me know where i stand and how i need to improve. i would very much appreciate all your feedback.

p.s : sorry i could not figure how to put in a URL…



Hey All;

Can someone please give me some feedback on my portfolio, i really apperciate it.

I am looking forward to get stuff done so i can get an internship right now and i pretty much think ur feedback would help me a lot…hence its a sincere request if you can look into my portfolio…

Maybe i should start a new thread…

I would work on the sketches.

Overall looks good.

Good luck


Thanks for the reply…which aspect of the sketches are u talking abt…i would want to know how and where i can improve…


well, they seem a little shy, besides, there are some perspectives that look weird.

I’m not a great sketcher myself, but that is just my impression.

Why don’t you check other portfolios and see their sketches?

Here are a few for your inspiration: