Please critque my ID Portfolio? Sydney represent!

Hi everyone,

I thought I had a profile but couldn’t work out my username/email…so I’ve had to create a new account. No matter.

This is my portfolio, I’d love some feedback from the ID community as I’ll be looking for a job next year and want to be in the best position possible. I’m from Sydney, Australia by the way.

Thanks all!

Full behance profile available here: Behance

Great work and presentation !
Probably you can reduce the darkness of the background gradient. Its too dark, and making the blue look dull and few images.

Thanks for the tip, appreciate it!

Anyone else? Don’t be shy, would love to hear what the ID community has to say about it.

What is a “Product Evangelist”?

Agreed, nice presentation!

You might want to re-do some of the renderings (the Photoview ones). You are probably aware how much Vray is better than Photoview but it takes some time to set up. I used to use only Vray only, but then realized that Keyshot is good for 90% of what an IDer might need and it is at least twice as fast.

For the sketches, it would be great to see more of how they influenced the project with some hierarchy and callouts. I didn’t realize until recently how useful Photoshop / SBpro / Illustrator rendering is, but you might want to add or re-do that with some of the projects or skills section. In my limited experience, the hand sketching is great for creating a lot of ideas and quick marker sketches are awesome, but the digital is great for more refined steps (usually before CAD) and is a good skill to show and practice.

Good luck!

@bepster, it’s basically product marketing. I do demonstrations and promotions for new Microsoft products (lately, Windows 8, Surface Pro, Office 365, Windows Phone etc.)

@Robbie_roy, Thanks yes I agree on some of the renderings. A lot of this work was done before I discovered keyshot and it’s super quick, will probably work at redoing some of these renderings.

Also thanks for the tips on rendering. I know I don’t have too many photoshop renderings but I now have a wacom tablet and hope to do a bit more. I do have some callouts on the sketches but they’re a bit too small to see what I’m writing mostly.

Really appreciate the advice, keep them coming if need be!

Ah, I see. So it’s a job in sales? Or are you on the creative side of the marketing team?
I have never heard this job description before and ether I have been living under a rock or Microsoft is trying to dress up a sales job with fancy lingo.
Ether way, I got a rather confused and irritated feeling from that term which is of course not your fault as I am sure it is technically correct.
So personally, I wouldn’t use it or I would in smaller type give a short description of what that entails.

Alright, now to more positive things!
I agree with the guys before me that your layout, icons and symbols work well. It is an easy portfolio to browse and to understand, which is great and no easy feat.

The fact that you have actually prototyped your work is great, that goes a long way. I just wish there would be better context shots of them. For example take that fountain, why not take it outside and have a kid try it? I am sure it will go a long way in communicating your idea.
You did it for your speakers but they came out really rough and I am not sure I would leave them in.

I agree with Robbie, a little bit of more attention to your rendering and sketching quality will go a long way.
Doing 2D PS renders is actually a pretty good suggestion. You can make them super quick and for example for the fountain they would be really helpful.
We use them at my work all the time to knock out lots of concepts in a short time frame.

Overall not bad at all but I think you could polish this up to be really successful.

Good luck!

It’s more a marketing role rather than sales, thankfully we don’t actually have to sell anything. Noted on the title, can understand it’s a bit confusing so I might change the title there. Thanks.

I still have some of my prototypes so I should be able to do some context shots, but I know a few of them got chucked out (e.g. Braintap, which I was quite annoyed about). I agree the speakers are probably one of the weaker projects, it will likely be replaced with my major work when it’s completed. Was more to demonstrate the 3d printing process I guess. Can always take better contexts photos with those as I still use them everyday.

I agree with the pointed on PS renders, I don’t actually have any in there as I don’t have too much experience with them but will work on some and put them in.

Thanks again!

Hi! I love your portfolio, the design is very slick, simple yet professional, and it’s really nice that as you go through the pages there are different dominant colors but the overall design still looks coherent :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated. Working on a few other things to update on it, so look for changes soon :slight_smile: