Please critique ny work ( Senior in College)

Hi everyone,
I am a senior student and trying to get ready for my portfolio.
please give me some opinion about the content of my works.
I rather to hear from people now than being yell at or look down on inan interview. Please if you don’t mind, point out my weakness.
Thank you very much.
Oh i also need help on this coroflot online gallery thing coz i cannot figure out why the thumnail is so small!!please let me know if you don’t mind. Thanks again.
Should I keep on changing whats on the online gallery everyweek?
Thank you for yr response

i forgot
it is

iam trying to use these works to apply for an internship
Would it be alright?

i am waiting for someone to critique.

The packaging design was the strongest project, it might be better to get rid of one project and put more of the packaging and logo design up, maybe do a print ad for this product.

Not sure what the first page was all about, the shoe was ugly or it was just a bad picture. lose thie one first.

The only other thing is the previews. You need to show that you can handle these kinds of things, the previews are to small to see with exeption to the main one. resize these, it will look much more professional.

HAHA YOU:RE A SNAKE. Why you gotta snake her for. lol. I think her work is good. It’s got a very unique style that she should work to refine. I like the book cover, but I like the ohio thing even more. It’s a little monty python mixed with some evil brew. I like it but I think there needs to be something more. Or maybe less. It’s going in the right direction.

Your work is great but you need to edit some of the more artsy/experimental work and add more packaging… Lots of graphic design students have portfolios full of experimental work (granted not all good) but not enough of the work that employers actually do. Unless you are going to work at a zine or designing music CD covers I would not have this as the bulk of your presentation.

@Copyboy… you portfolio is…
Well I’m not going to comment on it. it is not polite to highjack someone else’s thread. If you want comments on your portfolio, start your own thread.
That’s all I will say.

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that was me

sorry :cry:

Why do you think his name is copyboy.

Good point but hijacking is illegal… lol.

. ok. um

I first came to your portfolio, and yes the pictures are small, but once u open it up ( click on it) it isnt really an issue just you keep on scrolling down to look for an disciption and there isn/t one. I get confused when i am looking at for example “Hell” and i am asking myself what is it he is doing and what is he wanting me to know are his strong points. maybe?? photoshop, lil illustrator. but i am not very blown away. same with the photo of the woman playing pool, I need more, turn it into an advertisement (if you are interested in that) i look at it now and see that it might be an ad for footwear, but what is your concept, why did you choose that picture and not a women drinking coffee.

I would look at all or work again. look to see if it fits. it seems tht the package design one is the only truse almost completed project or peice. So what others have said do more packaging but expand that maybe for this company do there packaging but also there whole corp, identity, like business cards, letterhead, envelope, this shows me that you are more versitile and that you know about placement layout and well more about design. also this really would complete the project. another thing is when u said that it can be isplayed 4 different ways, i can’t clearly see thsi. the layout on teh page isn;t too clear and the white space doesnt seem resolved. the composition looks off balance. i am also not sure what the backward shaped pink “L” looking thing is uner one of the works?? is this shelf?/ i am not sure andone thing you donet want a client or some lookingat your portfolio to do is guess what things are. it is good if it more straight forward and gets your concept or idea across faster.

also for your herbert matter project, i would show the cover and maybe three spreads of the layout inside. the cover isnt enough, if i se spreaads inside then is becomes more complete and I can see if the cover makes sense. i put it into context.

its a great start, but needs some adjustments. keep posting.

I am sorry if i offended. i wrote “he”, i am not sure if you are male or female.

thank you so mcuh for yr comment,i will def’ work on it
plus i was thinking about using the 5 space that Coroflot offer and use movie to show case the i can show more
i belive it would work with Flash…

no problem. try it.

no matter flash /+ movie or what ever tht wont hide weak work ( not saying your work is weak- but strong work is strong work) maybe flash isnt needed. but try it. i want to see.


explain,of coz if the work doesnt speak for itself, it sucks…
so i am feeling my works kinda suck
the shoe ad, it was me!!bad post
infact, i loved this design even someone said the shoe was ugly…it’s hard to take a good pic for product if u just have a lame camera, right? thats what i have~~ anyway, i am really into the fashion thing and i was just really sick of the high fashion ads that always have the modlels to wear the clothes and post…it’s just boring…so i thought puting a target and object together might make some kinda chemistry…
does it make sense? thats why i didnt post myself drinking coffee~~

and the book jacket,yes u are right…but i didnt design the inside of it, we were only require to do the book jacket…plus i didnt really enjoy looking at Herbert Matter’s work anyway…

and for the computer art thing [hell & westerville ohio] i guess i shouldnt even put it online coz i dont wanna show off my bad photoshop skills…
there are too many experts here in the fourm~~haha
but i really like this style…and indeed i am helping my friend out to design his CD cover…even thought his music is really not my cup of tea

but seriosuly, i am trying to apply for this inter for Fairchild for the stylist assistant position…do u thk the computer art & the shoe ad shows a bit sense of fashion or do they look unique? but did u have a “wao” when u saw my work? just be honest…

alright,iam still working on cleaning the pics and putting them to movies…give me a day or two!!!

i Don’t think that your work is as bad as you want to think. It is true that your style is different… and I like that!
Let say your work is not “out-standing” which will not get you a job in the long run. Good news is that you still have time to improve, right?
Listening to what people say in this forum alone might help, but also try looking at portfolios that you think are impressive. Learn from it but NOT copy from it!
I hear you, my friend! good luck!
and by the way, I am from hong kong too and I miss dim-sum very much!

oh u are from HK too?
are u currently working in the States???
what profession are u in, i mean like what kinda design do u do?
got a website or a portfolio to see?

yeah i miss dimsum so much
i usually get it from frozen package from asian gocery store!!!
which state are u in???

oh oh, i have been designing handbags recently and they are selling well!!
iam so happy abt it
but the pics right now is real bad coz i have no time to edit it
but i will do it later
here it is
so chekc it out see what u think…
I sold more than 10 already
they are all hand made!!and i dont make more than one for each design!!!
iam just excited abt them…my brain is getting high now
heeee haaaa

I send you a reply through gmail. so check it! :slight_smile: