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Hey Gyuchul,

I would drop or Update your skills page. The Reason I think this is that you show better sketching and skills on other projects than the ones shown on that page. Personally they are not very impressive compared to most that do a skills page. (this is a better Skills page for you to compare yours to.
Other than that your projects seem good and you show a process, I think the primary thing missing is that it does not jump out and get my attention. I was looking through it and I did not have the WOW experience. Browse some other portfolio’s out there and compare yours to one that really grabs your attention and see what you can do to help yours. Remember there are thousands of portfolio’s on here and yours needs to stand out if you want to get noticed from here, But I hope that you are not relying on a Core77 posting to get your an interview and a job.

Good Luck

Anything else…
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Personally I see to much negative space and not enough content. IE the air freshener, the stationary bick overpowers your design. Personally I think this design need some work, and is week in styling and thought process, then you enhance this nothion by allowing the bike to take presidence in the layout.

Let see some more of your process sketches and thinking skills, and less layout skills. These designs are good starts but need refinement and more refinement.

Have to agree, your sketching needs to impove, practice drawing current products, looking at light and shadows and perspective, then start to improve your form awareness and designing new stuff. The key is professionalism, companies love to see slick stuff but where there’s a history behind it, ie. idea generation.

Don’t worry, keep sketching and keep improving.

Thank you…
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  1. the bathroom organizer is vague - you ned to explain why it’s necessary, what it does, it looks dark and small, and makes a small bathroom feel even more claustophobic

  2. the gym freshener - why does it have to be so big? how did you come up with the idea? how is it easy to move? you can’t see the handle, wheels, etc. the page needs to look more sportive too.

  3. the shoe page - the little pictures on the left are too small

other than that, i think someone should hire you

Sorry to say it, but I have to agree with everybody else. You need to show some innovation, show why you did what you did. What makes your thing special. And most importantly, what other solutions came to mind. Everything I see looks like a first attempt. There are many imporvements that could have been accomplished with a little more time researching the solutions. ie. The air purifier for the gym. Why is that needed? And who’s going to lug around a 3 foot air purifyer. If somebody was that OCD, I think they would just spend the money to get a bowflex and then get their workout cleaning it everyday for 45min. As a designer you you need to have the ability of logical reasoning. Innovations have to be reasonable and mustn’t assume to much of the consumer.

People say if you have nothing good to say about something, don’t say it.

What good would that do? I love it when people tear my things apart. It pushes me to recognize ideas that I didn’t previously think about. It also forces me to redesign and refine my concepts.