Please critique my work

I could really use some feedback. I just graduated from a school that was very tech oriented where there wasn’t much feedback design wise. In the process of getting my portfolio together I’ve found somethings that I consider glaring errors that noone even touched on in critiques.

I would really appreciate getting opinions from people with a more critical eye. Any suggestions on other what else to include would also be rad. Thanks.

sorry about posting over here, I’ve been so concerned with finding work that I spaced out about the portfolio board.

well, I just tried to post there with no luck, so any feedback here would be great.

thanks again

looks likek you are a graphic designer/+ illustrator?

I am looking at the work and it seems kind of scattered. i dont really see your style coming out. maybe a illustration/+ vector look? but i would like to see more.
like for example on the “rough of game illustration” i am looking at it and want more about it. i am not fully understating what is the game or wht planes and tanks are fighting for …or that blk bar down the right edge. maybe some typography-copy on the work would answer all my questions and give it a more compltede look. and if this is the rough-it would be nice to see the final-or the next steps so i could see our thought process.

also confused withthe french press- what is it? an Ad, a poster on the brew machine?? also for this layout it would help to know where it would be used like in a magazine or on a post up-like billboard. so i have an understanding of the scale. just an idea. good rendering on the brew mchine-kinda jetson like cool. the shadow i dont think works with it tho. the shadow on the stem and circle is straigt up and should probably be on a tilt like how your shadow is on your handle.

i like the mag layouts very exciting and eye catching. tho the top left looks like for a catolog and not like a mag.

good start but i think needs some adjustments-the portfolio.

keep posting


Thanks for the critique mark. :wink: