Please critique my portfolio!

Please critique my portfolio!
Any constructive criticism greatly appreciated.
B.A. Industrial/Product design

Thank you.

Your choice of that spindly font in your images looks a little amateurish, because it’s a pretty recognizable font. Perhaps something more neutral in appearance?

There is a lot of filler space between your images in compositions. The use of dark backgrounds and picture frame effects is visually distracting, and looks amateurish. A plain white background draws the least attention to itself. More rectilinear layouts are also less distracting, and are a more efficient and resolution-maximizing use of space. For example, by laying out your InterfaCeD images on a diagonal, you have created filler space in at least 50% of your composition. If instead you place these two pictures side by side, and scale and crop them, you can pack more detail in to the space. Your image text should also be sized and placed so it doesn’t dominate an area of your composition.

I would dump the ‘miscellaneous’ sections, especially single sketches that don’t tie in to any of your showcase work. Some of the sketches can be displayed with their respective product photos or renderings.

Your use of descriptions is inconsistent; they disappear halfway through your design portfolio, and not at all in your art portfolio. If you use them (recommended), they should appear consistently.

You have lots of good and interesting material to work with.

PS. I’d really like to see a picture of the tactus design lit.

Thank you for your sooo helpful advice.
I have amended my work samples as best I could… any further advice is appreciated in case you have the time to check it out and reply.

i would loose the digital rendering page as its a bit weeka and your other products allready have been rendered digitialy