Please critique my portfolio. Yacht Design to ID

Here’s my story:

I studied ID at the University of Kansas and ended up with an Art History degree (don’t ask how). Shortly after graduating I entered a Yacht Design program in Maine and completed that in '07. Since then I’ve been working for a small but reputable yacht design firm in Rhode Island which has been a great experience, however, I yearn to return to the industrial design world, namely consumer electronics, furniture design, transportation design, home goods, or the like. I love to sketch and solve problems and I’m looking to find a position where I’m surrounded by people like me (my current position puts minimal emphasis and encouragement on creativity).

I’ve seen some really great feedback on the site and am wondering if some of you could offer me some advice on my current portfolio. I have been apprehensive until now because it is a constant work in progress and I’m never satisfied. But, as you know, sooner or later you have to buck up and put yourself out there. Much of what you see is the product of revisiting past personal projects as my style is much different than where I’m currently employed.

Please, be brutally honest!

Thanks in advance.