Please Critique My Portfolio! Applying to Schools

Hey All,

I’m a BFA graduate, sculpture concentration. I started pursuing industrial design junior year and decided to finish out in sculpture as opposed to transferring. Most of my ID projects were pursued through independent studies so I’m really hungering for more serious ID skill training. Applying to a few 3 year MID programs and 2 BS ID programs. Not sure if I even have a shot at getting into the schools I want to and I am having a difficult time justifying 100,000 dollars of debt for a third rate school–interested to hear any thoughts on that as well.

Have a look at the portfolio if you have time, it shows a bit smaller on there than in real life.

Interested to hear if the projects are diverse enough, is there enough process shown, should I add more projects, or take some out, is there enough information for each, is the layout to basic, etc… any comments welcome. more honest the better.

Thanks for any time given!

Hey Wiznas

I think it’s a pretty solid portfolio for applying to school.I can tell you put a lot of thought into the feasibility of each project and I appreciate that you took your ideas to functional prototype and beyond, shows your interest in design beyond the superficial. I think the Technology 4 Tomorrow projects are all really interesting. My first look through I actually thought they were all one big project at first and was confused till I realized it was 5 separate problems. I think you might benefit from more distinct visual separation since they all blend into each other seamlessly right now.

The messenger bag prototype looks interesting. I would end that project on a full bleed money shot of the bag on someone’s back while they’re riding, or walking at night to show off a bit of the construction and the reflectivity, and celebrate the fact that you actually built the thing! Something like this but at night?

As far as schools are concerned, which ones are on your list right now? What do you want to get out of your design education? Is the a particular area of product design that interests you most? I was in a similar situation and was close to doing the Pratt MID program but instead went with a full BS degree again, since I really wanted to develop my skill set and not sell myself short. For the most part an MID will not necessary put you in a better position for an entry level job, so that is something to think over.

Roger on the need for money shots. Just dug the bag out of the closet I’ll try to get a nice shot tonight. Do you think it would be weird to have a moneyshot for some of these projects but not for others? Most of these projects are not with me anymore and I’m sad to say I didn’t get the dramatic photography I should have. I don’t know how much concern to put on congruency between the projects I’ll try adding some kind of divider between the projects to give the reader time to breath and reset. Good feedback thank you! Anyone else is welcome to pipe in!