Please critique my first ever product design

I have designed this alarm clock as part of my portfolio in an attempt to get into an Industrial Design program. I would appreciate any comments you have on the design (positive or negative), either functionally or aesthetically. Thanks in advance!

Here is how you would use this clock:

  1. Depress the big dial on the top – It pops up; spin it to set the time of your alarm.
  2. If you want to turn the alarm on, press it back into the clock
  • When the alarm goes off, the dial pops up
  1. To turn the alarm off, press the dial back into the clock – Your alarm is now reset for tomorrow

    Other things that are important:

The clock is weighted and small – A rubber foot on the bottom prevents the clock from slipping on the table. The depth is the same as its width.

A female slot exists on the male end plug for power; Plug the light into it next to your bed and it will fade on for 30 minutes before your set alarm time.

The time is automatically set via radio frequency.

It can be used by anyone who knows what a clock is, as there is absolutely no writing to confuse people.

The dial on top is slightly convex. This allows for ease of use when your room is dark.

You need to illustrate that the rubber knob is depressed and then it pops up and then is turned to adjust the alarm time. I would suggest doing this animation in a perspective view to convey your message to the viewer in more detail.

Is this an appropriate perspective for an ID illustration?

I really like your approach to the topic. Alarm clocks seem to be more that over engeniered these days, and I think a simple and straight forward approach like yours is good. Maybe make some presets for it tho, where if you push the first preset, it’ll go off at 6:30, but preset 2 will go off at 7:45. Maybe the wheel concept will be simple enough. Just an idea, that might up the convenience. Good idea tho, id run with it.


You could go with that view, but a nice 3/4 view would be ideal.

nice. it woulod be good to see the video explain it not the text in ur post.

i like it. has an apple feel to it at the end : )

agreed, I would twist it to the side a bit and maybe down a touch. Think of a typical perspective you might see an alarm clock from while passing by your bed… not so much the “This thing just went off and now I’m holding it right in my face to see the time…” perspective.

be weary with the RF frequency thing, I know myself and many others who actually set their alarm clock 5-10 minutes faster than real time to make sure i get up on time. ever thought of implementing a snooze function where instead of pressing a button you just slap the damn thing hahah

You can just set your alarm 5-10 minutes earlier – That would be simpler, no?

Thanks to all for the comments so far.