Please critique me on my portfolio - thank you

Hi everyone;

Here’s my link to my website and portfolio as well. Please give me feedback both on the work as well as the website itself.


Hey everyone…

I have been having trouble with fonts on the titles i cant get to embed the fonts i want to use on the page…i am working on it…in the meantime it would be great if you guys can give me some feedback on my work, the website and the navigation.

The question i have is : am i showing too much coz my portfolio would not be something to be discusses at all in an interview or is this a good thing…



Are you having a problem with the header title fonts? They seem to be working for me.

The navigation works fine, it’s simple and easy to use.

I think you’re showing the right amount of work. I’ve seen other sites that show way more than what you’ve got going on. Let’s see what the others have to say, I’m no expert.

Nice work by the way!;

Thank you sir, for the feedback…The font is called space age and it kinda goes in with the whole theme of the website…i am glad it worked out… the one real question was the quantity of slides on each project , i am glad u think thats okk…



E.R.S concept is great. In production already???

Thanks Trend lover for the feedback, no not yet…i am currently building a prototype…will post pics as soon as its done…


Hey Everyone;

It would be great if some more of you can give me feedback on how to and what to improve…does the website communicate a diverse skill set, which project should i refine in terms of showing skills in sketching, rendering…also how important do you think research itself is…like explaining the reasoning behind your design and why u chose to do that…

I would be grateful if more of you can spend some time on evaluating my work for me…


Feedback anyone…please…come on people…help me out here…


???.. any1

i took a look. The layout is nice and simple, and easy to navigate as someone else mentioned. but I would say you lack process, something to hook me into at least a couple of projects, to show me how you think, and that you do more than just pretty renderings. The one sketching page you have is not close to enough. show a few final sketches, some process sketches, some brainstorming. tell the story you wrote under each project with visuals, since a lot of people dont really read the type. show some of the research done at RDE.

hope this helps.


Thank you very much for that critique, i tried hard to keep the website simple…the greatest dilemma for me as far as the process goes was to show it for all the projects and after a lot of feedback i decided to put it on one, my question is is it relevant and useful to show process on if not all, for at least 3-4 projects…i totally agree on your feedback that the visuals rather than the words are important…will get working on it right away…my other question is do you think i need to have more sketch pages to define my process coz i have a lot…

Thank you once again…

The website is very bare in information - whereas the PDF download is full of stuff! You don’t have a good balance in that sense.

So, regarding the PDF - too much stuff for the ERS project - 25 pages of a 38 page PDF?! NO-ONE is going to read all the stuff, that is for when you get your foot in the door and are interviewed, NOT for emailing to people - so condense it to 4/5 pages at most and keep in simple - just get the point of the product across, not why you did what you did (that’s for interview) and try to show ONLY your best sketches (you have some good sketching, but the best ones in the PDF are only photographed (P.20)- scan those in, clean them up, and assemble them on a page in a way that show you were bursting with ideas, which you clearly were.

I don’t really understand the Pontoon project, but I don’t sail or do watersports so I don’t have a huge interest in trying to understand it - that in itself is another thing - projects that are personal (in sync with your own hobbies etc) can lose people who might not have similar interests.

Pen rendering - Nice, but call it ‘promotional gift’ or something a little more realistic. What’s the thinking behind it? I think you should have your exploded view that you have on the website here, that in itself shows you have a decent technical/assembly understanding.

Mobile health monitor - don’t understand it, you’ve dont nothing to explain it either. Give some text or storyboard to it’s use or something - it’s just a dead rendering otherwise, and essentially useless to you.

Vacuum cleaner- Any other views? As a product I think there are so many issues, but you haven’t said anything in the PDF to explain it, whereas on your website there is at least some text to explain what the project is?!

Reading Communication Device - What?! How does it work?! there is no point in putting in dead renders unless you are going to at least show a storyboard or something- Note, on the website you don’t even say ‘reading communication device’ or whatever - go to it on the website, and think to yourself as a fresh viewer - what is that?

I could go on about more of your work but I really think you need to reorganise it first in a more coherent way - it’s all over the place - the PDF should be a carbon copy of what’s on the website, but they are so far removed. You need to have consistency!

Also, on a last note, RE-NAME the PDF to ‘YOUR NAME - PORTFOLIO’ and not just ‘PORTFOLIO’. What happens if someone at a company downloads 30/40/50 portofolio PDFs and your file isn’t even called your name?

Gorgeous/…this is what i was looking for, the feedback was gorgeous…i have been racking my brains as to what i need to look for and you have opened up a plethora of issues i need to address, you know a time when you have everything stacking up and you cant think right, this is such a time and thank you for blasting me to kingdom come, made me really think…i will get to work on this and you will see an updated version soon…please let me know if you have any other views or thoughts on this matter

Appreciate your time in going through my work.


It’s ok man, I know it’s hard to stop and think ‘how will over people view this work’ sometimes, we all did it at some stage. You need to remember people who are going to look at your work will have never seen it before need to understand what it is almost immediately or they’ll lose interest - and that’s why you need to get the point across really quickly - i.e. the first page of the ERS project in the PDF just shows a rendering of the resolved design, but doesn’t give any synopsis to the project - maybe have the rendering, as you do, with some text (AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE) to give a quick outline.

Look forward to see any changes you make.

Another golden rule - Don’t show everything, show ONLY your best - you may sketch 200 A3 pages of sketches for a project, 20 might have great sketches, you need to condense that to 1 sheet of the best sketchwork you have. Sell your skills.

gorgeous seems to have given very in depth feedback so i’ll only comment on your question to me regarding the sketching. You dont need to show sketching for EVERY project, just 2 or 3. But make sure the sketching goes from thumbnail to finished marker/photoshop in one or 2 pages so you show you have the skillset to generate multiple solutions and communicate them clearly. These would probably be your most in-depth projects. for example, if you are designing a medical product where you did a lot of research, modeling, testing, etc, you can most easily show your range of skills here (sketching and modeling)over a couple of pages. If you designed sunglasses over the weekend thats arent revolutionary, just a cool idea, you can shorten this one to a page of a rendering. you dont have to show every skill on every project.

hope this helps on your layout/structure of your site.

The ERS was a huge project and i think i have to get the sketches that are done well in a composition page to highlight that i can sketch and think at the same time, another problem i have been having lately is the " Hierarchy"…trying to choose between what is best and what is not…for example the ERS project first went in a direction like the current portable toilets were and also looking at a permanent structure not a portable one…i think i can build a story of how i reached the conclusion…once again i appreciate you spending time…i have been waiting for some feedback from quite a while…


Hi I think there’s plenty to say on this one so I’ll add my bit.

Firstly I looked at the front page and, looking at the pen rendering I thought WOW this guy is good, after looking a bit closer I think that it’s true but I’ll tell you what I did.

After reading your self sell I glanced at R.E.D. lab but went for Industrial Design of course. Then wondered what the architectural schematic was doing there, saw a scattering of projects and clicked on the PDF.

Opening that I thought ‘I don’t like that typeface’ (maybe you do). Looking at the CV I saw that you had travelled to India but were from the US. Then that you should have written Mechanical Engineering (it’s worthy of the capitals I think) and that you’d presented your CV in a truncated and strange way with inconsistencies in the dating and order of content.

I scrolled down and was pleased that you had some in-depth research but was quickly overwhelmed by the quantity. The ergonomic study caught my attention but I didn’t read it because I was familiar with the basic concept. Then appeared a lot of disparate sketches in no apparent order (I have to look quickly when a folio is 38 pages) some of them better than others.

I then came to the boat project again I didn’t read any of it. But first I thought that Photoshop job is terrible not realistic at all (the people, the water). After there are some very nice renderings and marker drawings.

Then a bunch of smaller project pictures with very little information.

You could maybe make more than one folio, and try and spread things a little bit more evenly.

Back to the site no need for sketches in ID and Sketches, or either one or the other. You sell yourself well although it is a bit too personnel in my opinion.

Try to only have one method of displaying images on each page sometimes there is a big image at the head and then a flick through of other large images off the bottom of the screen - it doesn’t look good.

You’ve got some really good sketches but you’ve also put in some much weaker ones.

I’ve not spent long looking at your stuff but rather given you my thought process. I sincerely hope it helps.



PS. As said earlier put your name in the PDF title

antidesign, trust me on this that is not the typeface i have on there…First and foremost thank you so much for looking through and being patient enough to point out all that you have. THank you.

coming to the typeface, the font is called “Spaceage” but i am not able to integrate it into the webpage, working on that right now…Also yes the architectural schematic is just industrial Design modeled in a wireframe shader but i am working on something which describes I.D better[/quote]

I totally agree with the resume, my undergrad is in mechanical engineering and i have around 4 years of work experience working in various firms, but i think as you said i have too much info in too random a manner, i also am contemplating a format which will reduce the clutter.

I usually end up with a lot of research for all my projects and this has been confusing, some people like to see a lot of research and reasoning, but some dont, i am really in a fix as to how much i need to show, maybe keep it as a separate portfolio.??

I will work on the contextual rendering in a better way now that i have VRAY, by the way the nice renderings u saw were the later stage one’s, i am going to try and add a bump map and create water and shadows and reflections so it matches the background…thanks for that.

Yessir, this is something i have been thinking a lot…i do have other projects like transportation design one’s and i think i need to do that ASAP.

i quite did not understand the last suggestion, bit too personnel?, meaning should i be using a more mainstream approach to displaying information is that what you were saying there…

hierarchy and choice are important i have learnt it the hard way, i am using all your suggestions and advice to make better communication, arent we as designers expected to do precisely that…thank you so much for that feedback,it just helps me clean up my work in a much better way. Thank you.

The problem of how much to put in which portfolio is a difficult one that I’m struggling with myself.

I think you can make two different portfolios quite quickly by using what you have. Using one page per project take the small projects and add maybe a bit more information and a couple more images from the project, product in use etc… and creating a similar page to give a snapshot of each of the bigger projects. 10-15 pages in total.

Then you can make another with all the pages from the larger two projects and chose one or two other projects and go into a bit more detail. You can then offer them both to download depending on the person’s interest level.

When I wrote ‘personnel’ I was being lazy with the spell check and meant your personal statements are a bit too personal (both in the front page statement and the ‘about me’ section). This is a matter of taste though I would tone it down a bit whilst still staying true to yourself.

I can see the font, it’s very strong and I would use it sparingly if at all. I think the font on the website looks fine. Like I said I was impressed when I first started reading.

I’m not sure which resume you’re talking about. I have now found the full one and it seems fine (in the UK we’re used to two pages so the quantity of information is fine). Originally I was talking about the short one in your portfolio. Here I think there is too little information. I’ve no idea what you did at the companies and for example when you did your degree from that page and the images at the top are too dominant. There is no need to be conventional here but you must be consistent.

I’m sure it’s very difficult to mimic the bow wake of a boat in photoshop (or v-ray for that matter) so don’t try. If you can find a picture of a boat, eliminate most of the boat and then put yours on top. It’s very important to choose the right image when you do a photo montage. take a ruler to the boat render and place it across two points which are supposed to be horizontal on the boat, draw a line and then do the same with another two points. You’ll find that the vanishing point is way above the horizon line of the background picture.

Good luck I look forward to seeing the update

I really liked the work by the way but it’s formatting I’m talking about :slight_smile:


as said before some awesome work interspersed with some regular stuff…
love the pen rendering on the first page
on the industrial design page the images of the ‘vacuum cleaner’ and the ‘wave alert’ jump out ( due to the stark black background) and demand attention but they are not your best projects and are a let down compared to the grand toura and the pen…
you could try putting a close up and or a interesting background and composition for those two
overall quite extensive :slight_smile: