PLEASE CRIT -- Wind-Powered Bicycle Headlight -- PLEASE CRIT

Looking for some input on this functional prototype I developed with some colleagues at a nearby college.

I am not a big fan of the colors; my colleagues chose them.

Quick description: This is a functioning bicycle headlight, which has a removable clip built into the bottom. The fan charges an internal lithium-ion battery, which in turn powers three ultra-bright LEDs. When the fan is spinning fast enough to charge the battery, the LEDs light up green, as a visual indicator of the charging process.

I designed this device to answer a need. Many cyclists have chosen their preferred mode of transportation for its environmental impact, or rather, the lack thereof. After speaking to a few cyclists about what they would like in a headlight, many told me that they buy rechargeable AA’s to power their headlights. While this is a step forward, it still leaves some problems. Rechargeables do lose effectiveness over time, until they no longer hold a charge. Also, a cyclist may be out at night when the batteries fail, and may have no light until they return home to charge their batteries. Additionally, having an internal rechargeable battery cuts down on cost and increases durability, since it requires no battery door.

Apologies for the photos, I know they’re not the best quality.

Thoughts, anyone?

Just wanted to add this if you haven’t seen it: which is a rely nice danish bike light, a bit pricey though. No drag, and some of the versions stay on for a while after you’ve stopped as well.

On the concept (and your functional prototype) I think the size is a problem. It would be quite bulky in a bag or a pocket. Can it be made smaller and still be efficient? I guess the fan/rotors need to be a certain size for this one to work. How noticeable is the rotor it terms of drag/resistance when cycling.

Sorry for not much input on the form.

The drag is remarkably low. The fan spins fast enough to generate energy at walking speeds, provided there’s at least a light breeze.

In reference to the bulkiness, it’s nearly as small as I could make it, unless I could figure out a way to put the rotor on a hinge that could be folded down, but then you run the risk of making it easier to break.

Does it need to fit in a bag, do you think? I mean it’s purpose isn’t really to be transported in a bag, it’s meant to be on your handlebars. Maybe it’s something to consider though, thanks for your input!