Please comment on my website and bags designs of our team~

We want to support the applications of eco-friendly materials,
so we used waterproof material and 3D welding technology to make the bags, please comment on them.
We need many comments as we want to improve our skills and ideas, thanks :laughing:

no comments about it? :neutral_face:

Hate it! The site isn’t intuitive enough. Too many click before I get any relevant content.

I clicked the collections and wanted to see bags but all I saw was a guy on a ladder. I clicked camera bags and saw what looked like a bronze camera. I finally got to the actual collection but by that time I wanted to leave. Scrap the Flash or whatever you’re using and redesign the site to be easy to navigate and look like a real website. The small letterbox thin was done a lot in the 90’s and isn’t the best way to make a site.

I’m not a fan of the logo either. The 5 looks very odd. The logo says nothing about your product or company. You should center the site in the browser. the right half was off screen and the left half was black space. The who we are section should have text since I don’t want to hear anything or be forced to watch anything. Keep the video as a link but add text. That’s what I expect to see.

I wanted to click the words MC5 BAGS . RAINPROOF . URBAN . ECO-FRIENDLY since they looked like links but the actual links were hidden in white text on a whitish background.

Shop locations | France Hong Kong. Where in France and Hong Kong? It’s a big place!!! Again, white text on a white snowy background isn’t the idea way to present the information. The way you do your bag photos is terrible. too many click that just open a slide gallery which isn’t designed at all. Use Lightbox or something simple.

Urban Aesthetics.??? Graffiti comes to mind not Stanley Baker. I could go on and on but those are my initial thoughts. This site looks like a beginner design student did it.

Overall, in my opinion, this site fails. It has potential but not in the same form it’s in now.

Good Luck!

I’ll add to the above. Ditch the Tweet and Facebook Like buttons, looks very amateur.

Yeah website is awful. But I liked the bags.

it’s painful to use, seriously

Honestly, one of the worst websites I’ve ever been to. The layout, font choice, navigation, size of images, etc.

From what I can tell (as a full-time softgoods Industrial Designer), the bags look great… if the images wouldn’t stop moving so I can actually SEE them. Images should be bigger. You’re selling the product, not the blank space. Get rid of the huge youtube video that is larger than your product images.

You shouldn’t have to click bags > film noir > then see the bags

If you have multiple collections, sure, maybe. Right now you just have the one, so call it “film noir bag collection”, etc.

There is no email on the website either, I was planning on emailing you directly to talk shop.

The good news… go on craigslist and hire someone to whip you up a website real quick. Should only take a few days and not too much $$$ either. Easy. Done and done.

The only thing holding you back is your website. When you have the new one made, stay as far away from the current design as possible. Take a look at some other brands out there and how they do it. Hire someone, and your product will sell.

You should also get some professional photographs taken.

It is a diamond in the rough. Just polish it all up.

Thanks for your comment, may be we should hire someone to build the site again,… because we have no experience in web building.

It shows. But see Taylor’s comments above. He seems to have a much brighter outlook for you.

First impressions mean a lot. Do some research on design firms before hiring anyone. Find sites you like and find out who did them. I know a lot of people that get burned by so called designers.

I think this site’s format would work well to showcase your products. Simple and to the point but looks clean.


Thanks again, the site you recommended is clear and smart. I agree that simple is the best.
Actually, our site is based on my boss’s idea,… sometimes it is hard to persuade him, … but i’ll do my best.
We are selling sports and soft products like bags, scooters,… etc. We have no experience on advertisements. So i think it is time to train up some graphic, photo and web skills for promotion.
I will show you my personal portfolio later and hope everyone can give me comments.

The site I posted might be a Wordpress template. In that case, you might go that route. Wordpress is free. You just need someone to fine tune it with your branding.

Thanks again, the site you recommended is clear and smart. I agree that simple is the best.
Actually, our site is based on my boss’s idea,… sometimes it is hard to persuade him, … but i’ll do my best.

Sounds like you are in serious trouble there. Perhaps you can’t persuade but convince him. I sure hope he didn’t
do the site himself. Just show him better examples and where you’d like to go with the brand online.


The bags look great, they should be the main focus, but you don’t get that from this site. The photography for the camera bags in the urban settings does not give you any real indication of bag details.

I had the same feeling about the other things that were said, too many clicks, off center to the browser, youtube video are not great.

Its lacking info on the the main elements of the bag. What specifically makes these eco-friendly? More technical info on bag treatment to make them waterproof. Just keep thinking it should be all about the bags.

One of my favorite bag sites is This is just a blog but they do nice photography for bags, and also you look around you can just to other bag websites that do a nice job.

Where can you buy these bags? I have been walking around france and hong kong for days and I can find your store.

Is this a portfolio site or a business? This forum is for portfolio sites.

I took the photos for Urban Bags, and the camera bags photos were taken by my boss.
I didn’t use DSLR, i used Panasonic DMC-LX2. I hope it works

yes i know, i set up this site because my boss want people to know more his idea.
but i created this site and took the photo,… so i think i can consider to add these into my portfolio even though they are not good at this stage.
also, they are just ideas and prototypes, it is not possible for you to find one of these products in the market either in France or Hong Kong. :laughing: