Please comment on my selection of schools - Undergrad - ID

Hey Everyone;

U might remember me from the acive topics in the past few weeks, my dilema of doing a grad or an undergrad and such shit!!!.

Anyways once again , i am vyasateja, (mechanical) Design engineer in GM, India.

My profound thanks to YO, NO SPEC, MOLESTED COW, Master Blaster, UFo and Many Guests.But i would need more help on another topic now.

I finally decided to go for another undergraduate degree in Industrial Design and i am convinced a masters is of no use to me now.

I have chosen the following schools. Please comment on their positives and negatives, like job prospects, teaching, facilities, SAFETY,(since i am new to going out), Cost and financial aid.

which school do you think i should go to :


  1. University of cincinnati
    2.Coventry university
    3.Center for creative studies.

Request your kind attention


Like I said, if you want to get a job in Trans, you need to choose the “safest” choice you can, provided that your porfolio will be a killer. On the other hand, your choice will somewhat determine how good your portfolio will be.

From those choices, I will choose from CCS, Umea, Pforzheim and Coventry.

If you want to work in the US, go to CCS. If you want to work in Europe, then it will be more like which of the three are you accepted into. All three are excellent school to my knowledge for trans.

Umea is bloody cold in the winter, I think it advertises itself to be the only art/ design school in the artic circle.

Pforzheim is German, and you need to study and pass German before you get admitted into their universities.

Living expense is high in England.

Have you been accepted/started applying to these schools yet? You might want to make sure your portfolio is up to par admissions-wise. Admission to an ID program is just like getting a job in ID: you may be the most creative and intelligent person in the world, but if you can’t show that to people, you most likely won’t be able to get your foot in the door.

Have you talked to the admissions people of these schools? Ask the schools if there are any current/past students that they can put you in contact with so you can get a true understanding of what the school’s like. Merely going on reputation can be hazardous: it may be a top rated school, but you may end up hating it because you just don’t “fit in” there…I’m guessing you probably don’t have time to visit these schools, but if you can get direct information from the admissions office and current/former students, that’d probably be best…although everyone is more than happy to offer their advice to what school you should go to, it’s ultimately YOUR DECISION AND YOUR MONEY. It’ll also be another 4-5 years of YOUR LIFE (U Cincinatti’s a 5 year program…just something to consider.), not ours, so you have to see how the idea of going back for a BID/BFA or whatever fits into your overall plan for life.

To summarize, it’s your decision…and once you make your decision, just run with it will your all…I’m hoping you’re going to approach this the same way you approached applying to get your Mech. E. degree: Apply to a few of the programs you think you’ll gel with, and hopefully you’ll get into a couple and go from there…if you get into a couple of the programs, try to go visit them to have a look at the campus, faciilities, surrounding areas, etc.

In other words: Don’t put us in charge of your destiny…it’s your’s to make.

You may want to consider the recruiting activities that happen at the various schools. In the US, Art Center in LA, CCS in Detroit and the Academy of Art in San Francisco are places where car companies go to find designers.

If you look at employees in automotive advanced concept design studios, you will find that highly disproportionate number went to Art Center…so, though you didn’t mention it, this is the place I would recommend if your primary goal is to ind a job. Oh, and all of the LA design studios are in an hour’s drive from school, making internships easy to do.

Best of luck

Umea is interesting and Ive heard good things but I know Swedish people that think its crazy to go that far north.

…and I am one of them! :wink:

Hey guys;

My main choice would be UMEA university, the primary reason being its cost effectiveness , combined with very good quality education.The compromises that have to be made is bearing the cold weather and the remote artic region, but i think it will make me more concentrated towards work and studyin without the U know culture of pubs and outings.

Hey guys i also saw one more information on their website about the bachelors program in ID, it said that mainly the education is in Swedish and 30% in english. so should i learn swedish before i go there.

Would help if someone who actually studied there could answer my queries.


According to Design Intelligence magazine. University of Cincinnati has one of the top rated programs in ID> It was number 2 in the US.

Here are the rankings as they appeared in the magazine:

Undergraduate Industrial Design Programs

  • Art Center College of Design (Pasadena, Calif.)
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Pratt Institute (New York City)
  • College for Creative Studies (Detroit) (tied with Rhode Island School of Design)
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Cleveland Institute of Art
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Syracuse University
  • California College of the Arts

hey savyas!

well I am not a Umeå student, but I was a student in sweden for the last 3 year at the Culinary Institute of Sweden i Grythyttan near Örebro! Let me tell, THAT was a remote location!!

The school is one of the top rated in it’s field in Europe, granted there are not so many others…

but that didn’t keep people from having quite some parties, so don’t worry! the Swedes are pretty happy people when it comes to celebration!

One thing I found positive in the fact that it is literally located in the woods, is that a small campus can create a special dynamic, which is pretty cool sometimes!

A negative (for me huge) aspect is the fact that it is hard to get inspiration some times when you are interacting with the same people all the time. you live in your own little world and work at your own speed! for many of my friends, that was great, for me it was hell!
I need the buzz around me in order to be creative!

finally, swedish is a piece of cake to learn, no big deal!
You should also consider that almost all Swedes speak pretty good english while germans don’t… and german is a lot harder to learn!