My name’s Aurelien,
I’m a french product designer student from Créapôle in Paris (if u want to look at portfolios from the school).I will enter in my 4th year in a few days
I’m looking for comments on my work so I can improve it and send my portfolio to compagnies otherseas.i got a 6 months internship starting June '09

The LG project is not finished yet, I’m working on the 3d rendering for the choosen concept which is called EQUILIBRE

thanks alot!!!

are you in the process of updating it? I just saw the shoe, the bench and some graphics. You need much more in terms of quantity. Other than the shoe ideation, theres no sketch-phase concepts, where you explore different alternatives and then flesh out the best one. This is important for any straight-up ID job.

maybe u should click “view all sets” I got 6 others sets, and yes I’m working on it before putting it out on coroflot, I’m on the “semi-private mode” actually
thx for your comment!

oops! i take it back then.

my favorite project in terms of layout and process is the “living apart together” explorations for kartell. Nice color, nice layout, nice sketches. The other images (the 3D ones) in the same folder dont follow the layout as the rest of the slides, and dont tell me much about the product, but they are nice teaser images though. I like the LG folder too, nice layouts and color with some interesting explorations.

I think the street furniture is your weakest project in terms of sketching, and maybe the concept itself (how does it solve problems with existing fixtures?). I would scrap it.

hope it helps!

Has anyone noticed while browsing Coroflot how easy it is to notice a French designer. They all have a very similar presentation style. Not saying this is a bad thing, obviously it appeals to some companies more than others, just wondered if any one had an explanation?

major props for the comments, that helps alot!
I dont know about a “french type of presentation” but I’ll verify that lol
Keep the comments coming!!!

come on guys!!


I have noticed that a lot of Creapole students and grads have similar approaches to presentation graphics and such, but would not say it’s all french designers. I have to say there are a few of them that really blew me away and became benchmarks to different degrees of presentation style. I wouldn’t doubt if some of it was just “in the water” at the school, I remember a lot of people borrowing and experimenting with each others pres styles in school and would just assume that’s what’s going on here.

I owe a comment on the folio…sorry bad prioritization of comments