Please check out my Coroflot portfolio!

Overal you have a nice design sense. Your final products look good and have good form. I think the vessel and tea kettle are your strongest.

The things you could work on:

I think to take it up a notch you need to work on your latouts. Making them have a consistent “look” will help your portfolio be more memorable. Right now you inspiration images fight for dominance with your final product shots. Downsize thos inspiration images, edit it down to one-3 images, and desaturate or ghost them out. Your tags on the furniture sketches are very large, and ax the professor name. The sketches are a little weak. Build on them, or reduce them in size.

thanks for the detailed response! i’ll work on it

What Yo said…I’m struggling to get a grasp on your skillset. As an employer taking a quick look at your work, it’s hard to tell what you’re really showing me. Most of what I’m looking at is dominated by the ‘image boards.’ Would like to see more sketches, and more of a general process. Do you know any CAD programs? Would be nice to see some of that, too.