Please check my portfolio before launch


I am finishing my online portfolio, could you please take a look and give me your oppinion before I “officially” launch it?



looks really good so far!

I know it is not yet complete but how will you display the individual services?
ie flyers/brochures/logo design.
I guess it is possible that you never intended to display examples/or graphics for those. but if that is the case I am not sure why they have a “roll over” effect.

Perhaps it’s my browser or computer configuration or you own doing, but on your site my cursor (arrow pointer) does not change when it is over active links. This is ok, but I then I have to use your rollover effects to indicate/realize that the area/text is ‘clickable’. I would suggest adopting a standard set or interface rules.
let us know when you’re done :smiley:

I like your site, but I gues I also like, which you obviously modeled your site after, too much so I might add. The color scheme and grid are very similar to that of 2advanced. The big difference is that 2advanced has several interesting rollovers and intro animations that keep me locked in and coming back to their site over and over. I got bored very early with your site because I kept comparing it to 2advanced.

All that aside, I waited too long for your site to load and all I had to look at was your little load bar. Then when I finally got into you work, I had to wait for every image to load only to see a small image that I could barely make out. I would love to see all the images of your work larger, so I can get a better sense of what is going on.

I think that this site is on the verge of being very interesting and I will check back to see all the changes that you are going to make.

i have some trouble reading the text on the main menu. probably the main menu purple and the background purple contrast is too low? You should really provide a link for the viewer to take a closer look at your work, a small thumbnail is simply not enough! You got me curious, but dont make me a frustrated viewer.

personally, I think it’s far from the orgy of effects from 2advanced. Your site is direct and straight to the point, I will like to keep it that way. And you may want to take note of what dubmonkey mentioned about the cursor…is there a point retaining the arrow on mouseover? Nice actionscripting, but it may confuse the user who’s already used to gettign feedback.

overall, good stuff! Looking forward to seeing the completed site. And you should probably try getting more feeedback on

my 2 cents

Fairly new to the forum, but I checked out your site. You’ve done a great job! It’s not overburdened with superfluous time wasting graphics and gratuitous 'flash’ing.

1_ Your portfolio is difficult to see - the work is presented in a very small window, and doesn’t display it in the best light. Perhaps make the photo’s clickable so they be displayed in a larger format? Your site scales well to lower resolutions, but at higher resolutions (1280x1024) it displays your work too small.

2_ The o2lx club “launch” link in the main banner is broken - don’t forget to run a link checker before launch.

3_ It’s a little dark and difficult to see. I like subdued hues, but going with one dominant theme color requires a bit more light to be shed on “actions”, like the “next” text links, window outlines, news text etc.

Just suggestions - hope it helps.

Good luck,