Dear all,
I would like you to have a look on my online portfolio and give me your critics and comments about my designs.
the portfolio is not compleated yet, it’s in the very first stage.
I used an online web design application to realize the portfolio.
i will update the contents and the data daily.
Thanks a lot
Best regards

nice interface, clean pictures and graphics. The sketches are a bit none sensical but a few of them look quite bold.


the product stuff looks very slick.

i’m impressed with the graphics too, but the logo for nature land camping and adventure didn’t seem up to par with the rest of the work and looked out of place.


First off; awesome portfolio

I like the concept of the site and have seen similar interfaces. My only concern with your site is how the tabs are thrown around.

…if it were me I would keep the catagory tabs but make them each stationary. The site overall has just a bit too much motion.

Overall, really nice site Elie :exclamation:

Really thank you guys,
As i mentioned, the site is not finished yet still more stuff and designs to add in the next days.

you may want to proof read your stuff.


[under the “cool stuff”]

Actually, I don’t see anything wrong with TOO EASY TO ACHEIVE. As far as I can tell, spelling and grammar are correct…am I missing something?

As for the rest of the site, I’d agree with the comment that the flash interface is lovely, but completely gets in the way of seeing whether your work is any good or not (which it is, don’t get me wrong).

The Diploma Project section, for example, is 12 very nice images & quotes, but I still have no idea what the hell you did. If you expect someone to go through that much loading time, you’d better have a clear story to tell them. Best test for this is to have a friend who knows nothing about your project look at those images and then explain to you what you did, and whether it was any good. If they can’t, you need to change it.

unless US spelling has changed to accept “acheive”…
I’ve always thought it should be “achieve”.

Right you are…

The interface could probably be a bit easier to navigate through…the labeling for “close” and “show detail” needs to be clearer and consistent…

I would suggest elminating “close” from happening when you click on the picture, but rather have it just “show detail” instead. “Close” could still be located on each of the individual swatchbooks where it is currently (in the gray circles)

I kept wanting to see the next project but kept accidentally closing the swatches instead…

Great interface, though it begs the question, is it too much? I wanted to do something a bit more “slick” and interesting for mine, but my professor reminded me that a 47 yr old HR Director wouldn’t have the slightest clue how to use it. Because of the time I takes to navigate it I honestly had a short attention span. Regardless, I like it.

its cool that flash can do this, but while using the interface i felt really aggravated.

cool website…
nice works…
the interface was a bit confusing, but it was easy to figure out right away.
I really liked the Alessi’s clock !!

Thanks guys for your feedback and for viewing my website
about the flash interface, i didn’t do the interface . it’s a part of an internet application to make webdesign as easy as possible. i just use it to launch my designs and ideas on the web in an attractive way.
the details and the discription about each project will finish it soon. as i mentioned from the begining, it’s not finalized yet and it still need updates.
thank you all and i really appreciate your comments and feedback.