Please advice on this course (timetable provided).

Hi there,

I am thinking of going to university next year to study Product Design Engineering and I have my eyes on a course offered by the University of Glasgow. Its called Product Design Engineering and its basically a collaboration between the University of Glasgow and the Glasgow School of Art. The timetables for each year of the course are attached below but I will explain for people who cant view the documents.

Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself, I have always loved mathematics, physics and general science subjects. At the same time I have always excelled in art classes at school. For the first two years I will attend GU for four days a week to study Mechanical Engineering, the fifth day will be spent at the GSA to do product design. The focus on the first two years is on the engineering side of things while it generally shifts to product design in the last two years. I am also planning on doing a post graduate at the Royal College of Art in London to sharpen my artistic skills through their postgraduate program.

The time tables for the first semester of each year are as follows:





The Masters degree diverges at years 4 and 5 as follows:



I really need your help to make an informed decision that I dont regret later on. I am planning to be a product designer, however I want to possess the technical know-hows of a mechanical engineer. I am willing to dedicate all my summers and any free time I have to practice my sketching and rendering skills and refine my artistic abilities.

With all that in mind, what do you, honestly, think of this degree?

Sorry if I put this in the wrong place, also I understand that I perhaps wrote too much but this is my future and I very confused at the moment so apologies.

Thanks alot for your time :slight_smile:

Might tip would be to go vist the place and see what you think about it, look at past work done, ask lots of questions…check out the facilitys…then go look at a few other palces to compare.

I was focused on to getting in to Coventry uni, until I went there and it just wasn’t for me. Have you considered De Montfort, Loughbrough, Brunel uni’s? they all do a product/industrial Bs/c course…which is balanced between engineering and design.

Your course description does seem to focus heavily on the engineering side, and 4 yrs seems a bit of an over kill. I took Industrial Design at De Montfort and it was a more 50/50 from the start. You also shared the studio with the BA product designers…who make you raise your game in terms of presentation/aesthetics.

I would personal recommend doing a Bs/c over a BA as it will give you more employment opportunity’s…doing a sandwich year is also highly recommended as not only puts you nearer the front of the queue for getting a job, in your final year you much much more capable realistic designer…and its nice to have a break from doing academic stuff anyway. Getting some work experience between 1st and 2nd year paid/unpaid will also help you out.

Thanks alot Wolf man for your thorough reply, its been really helpful. I have indeed looked that course over including indivisual moduls, previous work, alumni… etc and although I would like a more design focused degree, I really feel this course combines the Mechanical Engineering elements along with the Product Design elements rather good. The student’s past work lack that artistic flare I am looking for, some of it seem a little bit too technical and too engineer like, but I am feeling that if I put all my time and raise my artistic abilities in my own time I would have the best of both worlds.

This degree is a BEng, accredited by the institutiuon of Mechanical Engineers. Do you think that would be more a less useful than a BSc, or say a BA?

I really appreciate you taking the time to look through the timetable and all, your comments have been really helpful.

Please people, is it possible to be a good designer and a good engineer at the same time? I know I seem a bit greedy, but I love both world, design a little more so. If I put the hours into sketching and rendering while working through this particular degree, would I have a chance in becoming a good artist/designer while also being a good engineer?

Thanks all.

I guess if its a Beng…its certainly focused on the engineering side of things. saying you will improve your aesthetics in your own time is nice to theroy but I;'m sure will be kept quite busy learning all those equations and theory. The only way to really improve you skills is applying them in a project and if your tutors arn’t focused at driving theis then you can get away with not doing it…hense the level of skills shown by prior students.

The Bs/c course wont make you a chartered engerring…but does that actually matter nowadays? But you will come out a more well rounded grad than a BEng. This is all my guess work so only by you going to other uni’s and asking the tutors question, seeing there students work will you be able to get a grasp of what you want to do.

there are a few other posts about engineering and design about the place, so do search in the core77 boards.


Thanks you so much for your advice. You talk so much sense and I agree its important to be a well rounded grad with knowledge in different branches of engineering while maintaining focus on design. I would’ve loved to move and check all unis in the country but unfortunately I am a bit tied here as I take care of an aunt here in glasgow. There is another course provided by glasgow school of art which is product design BDes, but its only design and has some irrelevant courses in anthropology and history. I would really love to do the combined design and engineering courses in some unis like loughbrough, brunel…etc… but the only engineering and design course available here is this and I am willing to make the most of it.

Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it.