pleas help suggest a course

I am enrolled in a very conceptual product/furniture design course in Europe and as part of our course we have to spend a term at another collage studying a related subject, i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for collages or programs probably not id but something related like interaction design, may be art related or even engineering anything slightly different

what school are you at? Would help with your question

design academy

Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada

Grea furniture stuff from what I’ve seen, strong engineering/manufacturing slant, as well as a great city to spend a few months. Ottawa is a bilingual city, and is a great place to have some fun.

pleas help

Are there any good schools in NY

Sorry for the delay-

Interesting question- how to compliment DAE?
Where do most of the other students go to?

  1. How long is it for? 1 trimester, 1 year?

  2. What else are you interested in? art and engineering are way far apart- can you go into more detail?

  3. Why NY? Who/ what do you admire in NY? For example, NY is a huge publishing/ media machine (100X more than Holland). Interested in branding/ advertising/ motion graphics, etc? There is some DAE alumni presence in NY- could be a place to start.

My initial thoughs is to think about what the place can offer you that would be different than Europe-

A. can’t be another conceptual school. (take out RISD, maybe pratt, etc. from the list). Other’s will disagree, but not sure that a NY design school would really help.

B. Probably can’t be a craft thing either. (Maine wooden boat building school may be fun though)

C. change of location-- DAE’s Funlab did a project last year in Vegas- there are many alien landscapes in the US. Could be a way to learn a venacular/ vocabulary that you wouldn’t get in Europe.

How much time do you have to find a place? DAE can work really slow on setting these things up- better plan ahead if it’s something they haven’t done before.

good luck

try doing something related to psychology behind graphic designing… that is something very much in demand in Indian-Subcontinent… u might just give it a break there…

Hi this is grate!!

I was interested in NY as I like big city’s I miss them a lot being in Eindhoven its not a city its just a really big town so any city would be grate along as that speak English or duct (but id prefer not to be in Holland. it would be for only about 4 mouths. DAE concentrates only on ideas which is why I went there I just fell I’m missing out on something so I thought id use this as a opportunity to explore other areas

p.s something with interaction design might be interesting any one know any ware with a good interaction course

p.p.s duos anyone know anything about the MIT media lab