I am wondering if someone can get me contacts with a supplier or a manufacturer’s name that produces that rubber type material that is used on childrens playgrounds at schools and at parks. the material is used to serve the purpose of impact. at the playground is is normally placed around a junge jim or handle bars (places where a child is more likely to fall)

I want to use it for kind of same purposes but on a larger scale.

Thank you

See: playground mat - Google Search go to Products > Playground Surfacing

These materials are usually recycled, flaked rubber.

I played lacrosse on a green, rubber-like, surface. I forget which university we were visiting at the time but it was a pain in the ass (knees actually). The ball wouldn’t slow down and bounced higher than it did on natural grass or “astro-turf”, and total “rug burn” when you went down.

thanks the rubbercal is a great site and I hadn’t seen it before.

I will let you know how it comes out- I want to purchase but at first not bulk and they say tht they dont send out samples. I want to test it out before purchasing.