Plasticity: A true CAD modeling evolution

It’s out in the wild and ready for primetime… is a true CAD modeling evolution. It’s been decades since we’ve seen any type of evolution in CAD modeling methodologies. Not, OnShape, Solidworks, Inventor, Rhino, or CATIA have moved past the 1990’s linear way of when it comes to overall modeling. Plasticity is a hybrid approach that strikes a nice balance between Blender’s direct polygon modeling methods but with NURBS geometry.

Nick Kallen has done an amazing job of getting this software out the door and into our hands and if you’re looking for some quick in-depth tutorials William Vaughan from Pixel Fondue has some great vids to check out. Plasticity - YouTube

always has the best tips and tricks videos. Be you a designer, engineer, or artist, give the tires a kick…


This looks super interesting. What would you say are some of the advantages of Plasticity over Rhino and their new subD tools?

Technically speaking the Parasolid kernel can do SubD NURBS because it is present in SolidEdge. Whether this will make it into Plasticity is yet to be seen, though there are no reasons it would not be possible that I know of.

@ryip This is not SubD modeling and as a whole, if you already have Rhino, then you are in nice standing in terms of direct modeling. Overall I’d say that Plasticity is much more of a direct modeling system than Rhino. If you take a look through Rhino’s forums etc or just a general inquiry about Rhino’s capability to Fillet is by far one of the biggest areas that needs MAJOR improvement.