Plastic textures for Keyshot?

Besides Mold-Tech, are there any other texture companies that have downloadable textures for Keyshot? Keyshot cloud library has a ton of materials and there are some in there. I’ve downloaded all the MT materials from there and from MT’s site.

Any suggestions of additional places to get GOOD textures for inj. molded parts? Wanting to represent something different than our typical MT11020-MT11070 standards. Looking for linear, dimples, circular/ellipse and other geometric textures that might give a different “feel” to a PP part. Trying to render for research validation before we commit to texturing prototype tools.

Rimex has some good textures available:

As does Dosch: DOSCH DESIGN - 3D models, 3D scenes, textures, HDRI, High Dynamic Range Images, 2D viz-images

Since you’re really looking for changes to the normal map, not the shader itself, I would recommend using whatever existing shader you’d like for the overall color/material properties, and then you can use a tool like this to convert a 2D grayscale image you make in Photoshop into a more precise normal map:

We used to do a lot of dimple textures on our products, so this was a much quicker way of executing those. Just keep in mind Keyshot doesn’t have the best UV mapping tools, so you may with weird corners or surface intersections. The only way around that is to properly UV map your object in a real rendering tool like Maya/Blender/3DSMax and then spit it back out into Keyshot with the UV’s saved.

If you aren’t familiar with UV maps, you can find a lot of resources for unwrapping online. It tends to be harder with really high poly models you might be generating in CAD, but there are tricks depending on how detailed you need to get.

That’s a cool tool, thank’s for sharing that!

OP: Maxwell Render used to have a huge user generated material library free of charge. I haven’t checked it for a couple years so don’t know for sure, but check it out. You will have to grab the textures and recreate the material in Keyshot.

Good input. Maxwell has a TON of textures for download. Any idea how I can use them in Keyshot? The downloaded material folder has PNG file (the image of the spherical thing), .axf file, and .mxm file. Not sure how to use the .axf or .mxm. Stretching my abilities on Keyshot for this project :slight_smile:

If you download a maxwell material (ex: ) and unzip it you will see the maps they’ve used included.

Maxwell has a lot of procedural textures so if you don’t see any .png or .jpg maps included in the zip file, it means they aren’t using textures they are using procedural methods. The one I linked to shows a diffuse map, displacement map, and normal map.