Plastic surgeons get requests for Bangle's butt

So, I’m sitting at a red light this weekend. I take a look over to my right and what do I see…Chris Bangle’s butt (a la 5 and 7 series BMW). But no, wait! That’s a Camry…

As Bangle said himself, designers might not like what they see, but the customer’s are happy…

The Camry is bad, but I think it’s to be expected somewhat. What’s really telling is this (2007 S class):


Another Bangle inspired butt!!! The Suzuki Swift Dzire for India.

People tend to associate themselves with things that are familiar, and so also for their cars. More junk in the trunk, literally, metaphorically, physiologically and thus, emotionally.


I’m really not at all sure what you’re talking about. The rear ends (uncomfortably called ‘butts’) have nothing to do with each other. The seven series has corners, hard edges, well planned and tight seams, a clearly defined and uniquely shaped trunk piece, a horizontal beam for lights, and windows rounded at the rear-- all characteristics absent in the Toyota. Not even the bumper or license plate area have any similarities. Possibly the rounded line defining the rear is the only thing remotely similar. Bmws tend to have more influence in the luxury market. You can see brands like Lexus mimicking that rear in addition to sharp headlights, Audi borrowing contours on the sides, and Cadillac putting on side-grilles. Similar cloning is in SUVs, usually within the same categories. Escalade sells with lots of chrome means new Navigators and Range Rovers have too much chrome. The '04 F-150 had a good interior-- in a truck-- and GM, Nissan, and Toyota followed suit.

645i got some great curves :sunglasses: …than squareish 745i