Plastic/rubber material to cover speaker

I need a rubber-ish material to cover a speaker in a radio,
in order to make it “waterproof”, without muting the speaker.
Anyone got any clues?

There is one small radio made by Lexon or something, that does this.
Does anyone know what material they used there?

I believe the material on the Lexon is Santoprene… or another non brand-name super-soft elastomer. I don’t know if you’ve actually seen that radio, but I took one apart. The material is just thinned out over the speaker area and molded to look like it’s the speaker itself. From what I can tell, it hardly effects the sound at all… I wouldn’t do it if I were catering to audiopholes, though…

Thanks for the reply, that was very helpful!

Also found this waterproof speakers from sony -

Productnumber XS-MP61MK2.
Experiences with these?