Plastic Product Design in Paris

I’m planning a trip to Paris in a 3 weeks to study consumer product design trends for my company (mostly plastic products). Does anyone have any good recommendations for stores / studios / etc. to visit?

I’ll be there a week and hope to find some interesting forms, colors, textures, etc. that can be applied to our products. I’ve been going to Milan for the last three years and decided to switch countries this year.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

If you want to look a little further ahead into what the kids will be into. :stuck_out_tongue: Go to the surface to air store in Paris. Their stuff is a little out there, but you can see their aesthetic appearing in graphic design and it won’t be long before this rough and tumble, textured and personalized look appears in products. The age of the clean radiused box and the coloured blob are over. I’d put my money on patina, warmth, texture and attitude.