Plastic manufacture books - recommendations?

Hi, could anyone recommend a good book or resource on plastic manufacturing techniques (ideally related to the toy field)?



I’ve never done anything related to toys, but here at work we have three books which may be of interest to you. I haven’t gone through any of them extensively, but they are good references.

“Plastics Design Handbook” by Dominick Rosato, Rosato, & Rosato - very technical into almost every aspect of making things out of plastic, not just part design.

“Plastic Part Design for Injection Molding” by Robert A. Malloy - smaller and more to the point than above, but still a lot of detail (more than you’ll get in an ID education for sure) and covers a just about everything you need to know for injection molded plastic part design.

“The First Snap-Fit Handbook” by Bonenberger - A small book, but more than you thought there was to know about snap fits. “Plastic Part Design…” covers them as well, but this book goes really deep.

I hope that helps. Again, I haven’t combed any of the books extensively, but they’re good reference and my boss must’ve they were good when he bought them :wink:. I’m not sure how old they are, though I’m sure 98% of the content is still just as relevant.

These are the best plastic design books available. I wish they provided these to us when I was in school. I’ve read all cover to cover and keep them with me at my desk for quick reference. Thanks for the upload, suerban

cheers guys!