Plastic identification

I haven’t done any specing of plastics in real life yet, but I ran across an interesting one today on an orbital buffer that I couldn’t recognize. I’m thinking that it is ABS with some additional chemical mixed in…let me describe it. Basically it is rigid but it has a texture all over which feels a bit like neoprene, except doesn’t cushion like neoprene would. Also, this texure appears even inside the shell, that is why I assume it is not some sort of double shot injection mold, but something mixed into the base plastic. Anyone have a clue?

I think it was just foamed…but what do I know, right?

It’s probably an elastomeric “soft-touch” paint.

Odd that it’s also inside the part though…what about where parts meet?

The texture feels consistent even nearing the part lines. I haven’t disassembled the product, so I don’t know how far into the product this texture goes. It is battery powered and I can stick my finter down the battery entry orafice. As far as I have felt I can feel the same texture. That’s what makes me think that this is something in the plastic. You could be right though cg, an elastromeric paint. It may be that the paint is shot over part of the battery orafice to ensure coverage of the exterior at that area…so that may explain it.

Any other ideas?

first thought was the paint. the two-sided threw me. battery cavity isnt interior to the part from the sounds of it.

I think it must be paint. I tried to pry the enclosure apart and wasn’t able to get it fully seperated, but I did get a glimpse of a boss that seemed to not be coated (it was shiny). I guess the texture in the battery cavity is simply overspray.

Thank you to everyone for helping out.

it’s unobtainium.

they mine it out of the earth and then grade it for thickness, and spary it on…