Plastic Food Conatainer Regulatory?


I am working on a design project for a food container similar to tupperware.
Do these types of food conatiners need to adhere to compliance by any regulatory agencies like FDA, NSF, etc? Are they required by law or anything like that? Just curious. I think the client is clueless as to what it really involves and think it is enough to just use FDA approved plastics but I think there must be more to it where you have to get certification. Anyonw expereinced with sealed food containers?

depends on your container needs. There are regulations, but these deal mostly with added chemical liners and seals not the plastics themselves. Most common for food is #1 (PET) and #5 (PP). #2(HDPE) is becoming more common in caps and non-edible grocery items. If you stick with polyethelene and high-density polyethelene, you should be fine.