Plastic "Floating" effect

How do you guys recommend a plastic part be molded to achieve this floating effect like the Leeo night light attached?
(The part with the logo, it looks like a gap behind it on the front face)
If that is 2 parts, is there a way to get it as 1 part?
plastic part question1.jpg

You can mold a recess, deep enough to “look” similar, but in that particular instance there is just an outer ring, an inner ring. This teardown shows how the flat cap just snaps in place.

If you wanted to mold it as a single part, you would need to have ribs between the two reducing the floating effect (ex every 90 degrees) to hold the two together and you might run into trouble with how the part is gated (as well as potential stresses where the two get held together, as it wouldn’t be terribly sturdy.

Oh hello old friend :smiley:
I designed that Leeo thing during my time at Ammunition.

Yes, Cyberdemon is correct, it’s different parts and I would agree on the molding advice.
So to the question by the OP, I don’t have much to add :wink:

I see what you mean, will have to test to see if the ribs are worth doing then

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